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Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Stuff

When I called the vet this morning I learned he is out for today, so we have an appointment tomorrow at 11:00. That's OK.

Since I didn't have to shower right away to go there, I took advantage of the cool(ish) morning to do a couple things outside before the heat was unbearable. I got about 2/3 of what I wanted done. Not bad. I was dragging and maneuvering the railroad ties that go around the driveway into place. I have just two more to drag up the slope with the truck and maneuver those + one more to position. Oh, wait, there is another I forgot about to drag up, so 3 + 1. While doing that, I also have to move rocks to support them and keep them in place. The rocks are actually the hardest part of it!

When I felt the heat, I came in to rest, cool off and get a cool drink. Whew! In the 30 or 40 minutes I was out, them temp rose by 10 degrees or so! It surely feels good to be inside, cooled off and relaxed. I'll probably do some things last in the day when it cools again, but that remains to be seen! Some of the signs of my age, for sure, is the shorter endurance I have for exertion and how the heat affects me. I have learned to be aware of these factors and not push my limits .... well, not too much, anyway! I figure it like this: it may take me two (or three) times as long to do what someone else does, but if I push too hard to "keep up," I certainly push the possibility that I won't be here to enjoy it when the job is done. So It's OK. And if someone doesn't like my "projects in progress," then they don't have to come see me!! They can stay home with their perfection.

And this ...... Everyone together now ...... Awwwwwwwwwwww!

Yes, the favorite place for little Sammy to be, curled up beside me, safe and sleeping.

Is that a face of contentment?

Max has begun "talking" to the TV at times! He'll hear something on it, and starts woofing softly while staring at it. In fact, he sometimes goes over, puts his paws up on the console so his face is just inches from the screen and just watches until he makes up him mind to bark or not! I've tried to get a picture, but haven't been able to yet.

Both of them hear dogs barking at other homes in the area, something that always surprises me since both China and Ali have been losing hearing long enough that they don't seem to hear much outside our yard at all.

The hourly schedule of potty-time seems to be working well. So far, I'm not aware of any accidents from either of them. I go barefooted in the house so I 'd probably know it if so, and I'm being especially conscious of watching and feeling places I wouldn't normally walk. No, don't say anything congratulatory yet! We're less than 24 hours into this experiment!

I just took them out, and it is clouded over and that certainly makes a difference in the feel of the air. It's nice! The temp hasn't changed, but not having the sun beating on you makes a significant difference. Maybe I should take advantage to go do a couple of light-duty tasks outside that I've needed to do for several days. Hmmm. Yep, I think I'll try it.

I'll check back in later, when I take a break. Stay cool everyone, as this heat seems to be crawling across the whole nation. Gah.......

PS - I decided to make the birth dates for the new boys to be the day I brought them home. Then I realized that we brought Sam home on China's 15th birthday! I missed her big day in the hubbub! China was 15 on 6/6, so Sam will share her day, as his official day will be 6/6/04. When I know Max's estimated age, I'll assign his special day as 6/13/XX.


  1. I love hearing about the new doggies!

  2. Anon, I'm glad, 'cause I like telling!!

  3. Oh, hon...we are so separated at birth, lol. After scrolling d.o.w.n. to make sure, you have FOUR dogs now. I love it. I love you, we are a pair.

  4. That's kinda funny, since Mai Tai's b-day is June 1, 1993!!! ILY TL

  5. Kathi, LOL! Oh, gosh, if we were separated at birth, our poor mom really had a loooooooong labor!! I'm a fool for dogs, for sure! And I know you are also, so maybe we are twinsies! :) Love you back!!

    TL, oh, that's right! Huh. And your birthday is .... March 16, right??? :P

  6. Hey! Hey, you! Yeah, you, TL, you never come around an comment anymore .... e.x.c.e.p.t to correct me .... in public .... on my own blog. snort. Some daughter you are.

  7. Wow 15 China has bee blessed with all those years with you!
    Sammy reminds me a wee bit of Reilly when he's "summer shaved".

  8. Patti, we've both been blessed in this relationship. She is very special and precious. :')

    Hey, there is a similarity, isn't there??

  9. Yes, but only you and I knew that I was getting you. Most everyone else would have not gotten that China and Mai Tai are litter mates. . .

    As for my birthday, I take it anyday you give it to me!!!

    ILY very much!

  10. TL, uh-huh, trying to wiggle out of it, are you?? :D

    ILY m.o.r.e!!!!!!!


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