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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've Done It .... Again!

I am sitting in Okla-hell-ma. I say that because it is so hot and so humid and so miserable out there. The sky is clouded over and it looks and feels like it is going to open in a downpour any moment. It is yucky. I wouldn't be here but for a very good reason. If you haven't already read Caroline's blog, I'll tell you what it's all about.

Meet Joey (middle name TBA).

I found Joey (Caroline's pick for a name; do you think she will be happy now??? LOL!!) at a rescue shelter on the internet. Actually, he looks like a Joey, kinda like a little tough, muscular feather-weight boxer! He is as cute as a bug, reminds me a lot of China's momma-dog and Ali's lady-love, the late, wonderful Mai Lin. His dark is blacker where she was brindle, but the markings, the face, yes... a dear and sweet reminder.

Joey is another rescue dog. He was in a rescue shelter in OK, along with a little female who is pregnant. They are obviously very attached to one another. It was hoped that they could be adopted to the same home because of their bond. The shelter can not keep him any longer because he is ready to go; keeping him excludes another dog that needs a rescue, and it would raise the expenses on him, making it more difficult to adopt him out. However, his little lady hasn't had her puppies, and must stay on until they are born, weaned and she can be spayed. The woman who runs the place knew she had to go ahead and let Joey go, and she had no "bites" on keeping them together by taking him now and coming back for the little girl later. The good thing about this shelter is the dogs are spayed/neutered, have all their shots, heartworm testing, and can be microchipped before they leave!

OK, now you all know I'm a pushover. Don't even pretend you didn't think this would happen! Yes, I agreed to take Joey now and come back for the girl in a few weeks when she is ready. Yes, I know it is ridiculous to make two trips like this. But I couldn't stand the thought of separating them. I know how Ali has grieved Mai Lin, and I don't want two bonded dogs to be pulled apart.

However, with China's health, I couldn't come right now, a 9.5 hours trip one way. That's a long trip for me, let alone her in the condition she is now. I tried to find a sitter to enable me to come, but it wasn't to be. Then, I jokingly said to Caroline that I would buy her gas if she would come for a visit, and before I knew it, we were meeting half-way with Caroline picking up my new little boy! So the arrangements were made and here we are! Caroline got to meet the little lady, too, and says that she is as adorable as Joey. I can't wait to bring her home, too!

He is getting along extremely well with the other dogs. They have all met and said their howdy's and don't-sniff-me-there's. He romped for a short while with Max and Sam, and China joined in with them, too! Ali is a bit more distant, but I expected that. I think he is not feeling good, too. His back legs are really weak and wobbly, and I think he is uncomfortable. Joey chases the ball AND fetches it back! I can't wait to get him home and have some fun!

China and Joey.

The sweet Joey.

China, Sam and Max.

Max and Sam.

The ever vigilant Sam with Max snoozing.

OK, Sam isn't always vigilant!

China seems to think the new boy is OK.

OK, Sam is only vigilant when humans are moving around!

And the handsome Ali at rest.

Tomorrow morning we leave for our respective homes. It will be good to get home, but I'll miss Caroline. Again. :(



  1. You'll have six dogs...right? Sweetie, you're going to need a bigger place. :)

  2. Congrats on the new one. Caroline was so excited to help you and get to see you.

  3. oh my gawd!
    again, you got another new dog?!?!?!
    i have to tell you i am feeling much better about my pet aquiring habits.
    and i am sooooooooo showing all these posts to chris when he starts telling me i'm animal crazy (that's a compliment, you know).
    you go girl! i think you might be losing it a bit, but you keep right on going!
    i think it rocks!!!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Have fun. :-)

  5. Thank you for letting me part of this journey with you. I am so in love with all your babies. Please do not check my bags before I leave...Really, that is not Sam in my suitcase. :)

  6. God love you and Caroline Lynilu. This just made me CRY. You are such an angel and so is she.

    I cannot get over how much Sammy looks like Reilly as he is groomed right now. Uncanny!

  7. Kathi, yes, six for a little while. It will be hectic, but It will also be a lot of fun! I actually may not have six, depending on when Joey's lady comes to us and when China must leave. I hope they get to meet. We'll see.

    MJ, it is so good to see Caroline! I really do miss having her close by. You're the lucky one now!!

    Cameo, I thought of you when I realized the numbers I was amassing! Yes, tell Chris this is a good, and normal thing!!!

    Daisy, THANK YOU!!

    Caroline, Oh, thank you mor making this possible. I was resigning myself to having to le them go to separate homes, till you popped up! Sam? SAM??? Where is that dog!!!

    Just remember, my dear friend, I k.n.o.w w.h.e.r.e y.o.u l.i.v.e!!

  8. OMG I'm starting to lose count lol

    You are amazing, to say the least.


  9. that is so sweet.My daughter wants to rescue beagles but no room.You will be given a honorary place in doggie heaven.

  10. Ok, so you have officially gone off the deep end. You should have seen my face when I read Caroline's blog . . .sheesh . . .WOW is all I can say right now. . .WOW

  11. MQ, awwwww. I hope those were happy tears! These kids are having a ball being together, and even though there will be logistics problems from time to time, I am so glad to have them all here!

    One day we will have to get Sam and Reilly together for fun! It's your turn to come here!!

    Ruth, did you say I'm starting to lose it? Yeah, you're right. Oh, wait, now I reread this and I see what you're saying! :D


    Redfrog, I believe that when I cross over, my darling pets will all be there waiting, right along with the important people I've had in my life. :) Thanks!

    Beans, "off the deep end"?? Gee, what makes you say that? ;D

  12. I LOVE IT!!! You are amazing my dear. What I want to know is What About The Puppies??? I want one! But dang, Oklahoma is a bit out of my way! :)

  13. Traci, the puppies will be adopted out, too. She told me there was a list of 250 people who want puppies! I'm guessing that was a slight exaggeration. I'll bet is you watch the rescue sites, you'll find one for you, puppy or adult. If you want the site addy, let me know.

  14. OH.

    I adore you.

  15. I haven't been blog reading this week so I'm catching up now -- Lynilu your heart is just so big...and it's a darned good thing you have a big house...every time I come back here your family has grown again!! ;)

  16. Sherry, is this a case of "you snooze, you .... are overwhelmed"???

    Honey, my house isn't that big, but I'm the only one that weight over 20 lbs., so we should be OK!!! LOL!!


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