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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Day with the Ladies

A fairly new friend, a neighbor and an artist at the gallery invited me to go with her to a brunch today. She is a member of the Women's Club of Carrizozo, and they were holding this brunch to introduce/feature three local writers. I was very happy to go and have the opportunity to meet some other women in the community.

My friend is recovering from a very serious battle with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which can be life threatening. In her case it was. There is no way of knowing where she got this infection. We all carry it in our bodies, and it is OK until something sets it off .... a paper cut, a small scratch, etc. In her situation, it could have begun with a small nick as she was working on her art. She is a wood spinner, so perhaps a tiny splinter. No one knows where it began, but it nearly killed her. She was in intensive care for about two months as her internal organs were attacked and virtually shut down, and the hospital staff requested her living will/end of life requests be placed in the hospital records. When she was finally able to come home, she could barely walk (even with a walker), has lost almost all her vision and the hearing in one ear. The doctors hope to be able to give her a somewhat improved eyesight, but it is very unlikely that she will ever be able to use the lathe again. It's just too dangerous with limited vision. A very sad loss to the art community. I'm pleased that I recently bought two of her pieces, and it turned out they were the last ones she did.

Another neighbor who is also a member of the women's club drove us to the brunch. We had a good time visiting while driving to Carrizozo, then I met dozens of women whose names I don't remember, of course! I saw a person I knew who is in the Capitan Women's Club. She was there in support of one of the writers who is also in that club. It was a very nice brunch, sort of a pot luck with each of the club members contributing a dish, and I found nothing I didn't like! But you know me and potlucks! Several quiches, a potato casserole, baked French toast, many desserts. :D There was a coffee punch that was outstanding, and I was told it was simply coffee with ice cream blended in, so it was cold and much like a thin coffee milkshake! Yummmm. I had several, and I refuse to discuss the caloric content!

A flute and cello duet played softly while we visited and then ate. There were door prizes, and I won one of them, some organic lavender liquid hand soap, a bath bar sudser (you put a bar of soap inside the mesh scrubbie thing), and three nicely scented candles. Everything smells so good!

The three women who were writers each gave a synopsis of her book, described how it came about or read excerpts from them. I was interested in what they all three offered, so I would up buying a total of five books. Of course! One is a historical novel, loosely woven around the author's great-grandfather's family in southern Missouri during the Civil War. Another is a collection of columns written by a woman who does the column for the local newspaper. Since she was been writing these before I moved here, I have read only a small number of them, so I though I'd enjoy it. She tells about growing up as the daughter of a rancher in Colorado, and compares it to ranching in New Mexico. The other three are a series of mysteries. She said they were each stand-alone, but I was really interested in the part that she read, so I got all three. I can't wait to read them, but I'm not kidding myself about beginning them until I'm back from the "wee trip." Caroline and I will be far too busy talking and playing with dogs to allow for any reading!

The car is almost packed. I'll have to take out just the things I use in the morning, the dogs, the computer and me. Should make for a fairly easy exit! I'm ready!!

And guess what? It just started raining again!!I didn't empty the gauge after last night's rain, so I'll have to add it up. No, I'll have to subtract it out, won't I? Anyway.......!! Who cares, it's raining again!!!! It's raining some more!!! IT'S RAINING!!! This one is not as hard as last night's rain, and there is no hail, at least not yet, but lots of rumbly-grumbly thunder. I'm learning that Sam isn't any more fond of thunder than Ali is. Oh, dear!

I'm gonna make a quick round of some blogs, and then watch "To Kill A Mockingbird," so I can drop it in the mail on my way out tomorrow. Gotta get ready to roll in the morning as early as possible!

Hasta la vista!

PS - at 9:15, I’ve accumulated another inch + of rain!! It is supposed to keep raining through about 3:00AM, then I’ll have partially cloudy to start the trip. Yay! Looking at the forecast, it is likely to rain off and on through next Saturday. I believe the monsoon season may be near! Whew! I hope we get enough to protect the forest, reduce the risk of fires. It would be superb if we get enough that they will be able to open the forest for tourists .... and us .... again!


  1. I'm so glad you got to make some new friends. I need desperately to do that.
    Yay for the rain, jealous of that too!

  2. Kathi, me, too! And looking at, hearing about the books made me miss the book club that dissolved a while back. I miss the encouragement to read, and I miss the discussion. Maybe I need to start another one??

    I'm loving the rain!!! We've waited so long! Are you dry there? I didn't realize it.

    Caroline, NO!! You'd naturally win! You stay in the same time zone, so you'll arrive before me regardless!!


  3. I 2nd what Kathi says - I'd like to have your friend making ability-:)

  4. What a fun day!! New friends, good food, new books to read and presents.

    Have a fun and safe trip.

  5. That is so frightening about your friend. Glad she is okay.

    You & Caroline crack me up!

  6. Julie, know what makes it happen? Moving to a new community where you know NO ONE!!! :D I'm enjoying meeting people everywhere!

    Daisy, my kinda day!! It really was a fun thing to do, something I'd not have pictured myself doing in the past.

    MQ, I can't tell you how frightening it has been to see her go through it. I sincerely hope she regains enough sight to resume her work, because she is really good.

    Caroline & me? What did we do that was funny??? ;D


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