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Friday, June 20, 2008

RAIN, Lovely, Wet RAIN!!!

Earlier today I read on Sherry's blog about her having rain 16 of the last 19 days. I remarked that she could send some of it this way. Then about 5:45 or so this evening it began to rain. It rained hard, so hard that in about 20 minutes my rain gauge had a half inch! after another 20-30 minutes, it hit the inch mark! Included in the downpour was pea-sized hail off and on for at least an hour. The volume was heavy enough that the rain gutter wouldn't hold it, and I had a waterfall all across the house.

It has let up a few times, almost stopped, but I'm getting another strong round right now. I tried to see the rain gauge, and with the darkness, it wasn't clear, but using a flashlight, I believe it is nearly 2 inches at this point! (*Later - I just walked out on the deck with a flashlight and looked ,and I've had a little over 2 inches, about 2.1 or 2.2) I just looked at the weather station, and it says the humidity is 84%. Yay!

Lawdy! I wished for rain for the forest. I wished for rain for my plants in the yard. I got R.A.I.N!!!!

Be careful what you wish for!!

I was unloading the dishwasher a few minutes ago, and I got tickled at Max. He was watching me so intently, every move I made! Remember how I said he watches TV with great attention? Well, same with the dishwasher. I swear if he had opposable thumbs, he could do it if I needed him to!!! At least he knows the process!! What a funny little guy he is!

Today I took the kids when I ran errands. Poor little Max got sick again! I stopped at the vet's office, and we talked about that it could be carsickness from the curves in the mountains, nervousness, or even altitude adjustment since he has been at this much higher elevation just a week today. Anyway, I now have Dramamine for him. I'll give him a little chunk before we leave on Sunday, and he should be OK.

Both Ali and Sam like to sit on the big console in the car. Fortunately, they don't seem to care that the other is there, and it is big enough for them both. After a while, Sam slid his butt down between the console and my hip, and he was happy as a hoot there! China is always happy just sacked out in the back seat where she can be left alone. It is going to be interesting to see how they all travel together on Sunday!

After the errands, I decided to organize the car and get it ready for the trip. I cleaned it out, blew the dirt out of it,took our the floor mats, and when I realized how dirty they were, I decided to clean them. So I scrubbed them, washed them out, and put them on the deck to dry. They really look nice, and I'll bet they will smell better, too. The truck is filled up and ready to go. I don't have much to pack, just a change of clothes and deodorant. Oh, OK, yes, I take more than just deodorant, but not very much. I'll be ready in a flash.

Packing for the kids .... that's another thing!! Food, dishes, treats, beds, brush, medications, a couple toys, leashes.... It's a big task, believe me! Yep, big deal, but worth it, 'cause we get to see Caroline!

MaƱana, y'all!!

PS- If you haven't read it, please do not miss the previous post. Very important information.


  1. I am so excited to see you as well. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this adventure of yours.

    Did you say a few days ago that you were bored??? Yea, be careful what you wish for.

  2. Caroline, just about 36 hours! And I know I need to watch what I wish for .... excitement, rain .... but I'm not complaining!

  3. I work in mysterious ways!! ha!!!

    If this weather system has moved your way be prepared for more of the same..unsettled strange weather. Last Sunday we had about 5 thunder storms throughout the day and evening - it was strange! Lots of blowing, gusting winds...some hail. It's meant to be wet all weekend, but so far this morning I'm see sunshine!!! Now if it would just warm up a little -- I'm almost ready to turn the furnace on!!!

  4. Sherry, LOL! You're a hoot!!

    This is a different weather system, just came in from the Pacific Coast. It was not expected, but wow, is it appreciated!! It looks as if it is going to cool us off a little bit for a few days, also appreciated. At this elevation it has not been terribly hot, but warm enough I've been using my A/C most days for a couple weeks.

    Isn't this weather, continent-wide, just strange? Feast or famine, as my mom would have said.

    Thanks for sharing your rain, Sherry!!! :D

  5. If Dramamine does to Max what it does to me, he will be out for the count on your trip.

    The weather throughout the country has been pretty wacky.

  6. Daisy, that's exactly why Doc recommended it! It will calm his tummy, and if it is coming from nerves, it will calm those, too, and allow him to doze through the trip.

    I agree with that! Strange, unexpected stuff everywhere!


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