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Monday, June 09, 2008

Late Night Update

Oh, wow, more progress today! Yay!!

I mentioned that I began getting little doggy kisses this morning, and I've continued to get them all day long. I was getting them on the way to and from the vet's office, and since we've been home, he continues to bless me. He's not just all over me, slurpy, but every now and then he just sidles over and gives me a dozen or so.

Little Guy is paying more attention to me re: rules. He wants so badly for China to play, and of course she doesn't really want to. She has been telling him to back off, but this evening, I'm telling him to stop, "No," and he backs off without freaking that I'm "scolding" him. I'm not even having to raise my voice. I know there will be set-backs, but it's beginning to work.

Tonight he ate his dinner before I went to sleep! The past two nights he has gone to eat after we are all asleep. I hear him get down from the bed and crunch away. But this evening he went to the bowl and ate several bites, then he began showing off about it. He would get a bite, then run up the steps to the bed, look straight at me and crunch away, then down the stairs to repeat it! Almost like he was saying, "See? I'm eating!!"

After that, he ran up and down the steps several times, playing with different toys. He even allowed me to touch the toys, although he didn't seem to understand the concept of us both playing with it together. Yesterday, if I touched the toy, he simply put it down and ignored it. Maybe I can teach him to play tug-of-war or fetch eventually.

He is actually beginning to see me as the leader, and he is understanding that I have rules. HURRAY!!!!

At last I'm beginning to see the personality. There is spunk, a tad of orneriness (Spunky? Rascal?). He is lively, loves to play (Feist?). He's smart (Einstein?), and able to learn rules. And there are signs that he knows he belongs here, belongs with me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


  1. Fantastic- there is much progress already. I think this transition will be easy for the Little Guy.

  2. He is adorable! This is fast progress, huh?

  3. Yay!! Our Sookie was so skittish when we brought her home and we worried she may always be timid. NOT SO!! LOL. She's quite the lover AND rascal and we're so happy. I see your Little Guy getting to that same place. :o)

  4. I am so happy he is settling in. I still like Billy the Kid or Wilson.

  5. Isn't it awesome watching the personality emerge? Better yet watching it blossom into a bigger, sassier, happier one. That's so cute how he was showing you he was eating!

  6. Reach, he is amazing me! He seems to go in leaps and bounds. And for some reason, the evening is when he "shows me." Do you suppose he watches and listens all day, and literally gives me his progress report in the evening???

    Julie, thanks, I think he is, too. It seems fast to me! He's one smart little dog!

    Jen, it sounds like Sookie is a forerunner of this one! I woke a couple times in the night with him licking my hand. What a sweet way to let me know he is my friend! Yep, I see lover and rascal here, too!!

    Caroline, I'm glad, too. I was worried at first, but he is leaping and bounding into my life! Several names are resonating with me, among them, Scamp and Rascal, as common as they are, they seem to fit him. We'll see. We'll see!!

    Sandra, I'm loving this experience! It is even better than watching a puppy grow up (Don't get me wrong, I love that!) because I feel he is aware of his gifts, whereas a puppy just grows up expecting the best. I'm pretty sure I will rescue from now on! LOL! I guess it speaks to the social worker in me!!Gr

  7. Lynilu I'm so glad he is settling in nicely and becoming a member of the family. I kind of agree with Caroline.....WILSON is rapidly growing on me, and Willy could be a nickname. Just an opinion lol.


  8. Damn-I wrote out a long reply and lost it. Just saying it is amazing that animals can really know and sense our intentions and seem to really get when they are loved. Addie, I think, knows she is staying put, and she just runs around and seemingly smiles and looks at us with such love. It would be great to know what they were actually thinking.

    I am so happy for you and little dog and hope it continues to go swimmingly!

  9. Ruth, shhhhh, don't tell Caroline, but it's growing on me, too. Do you suppose that if I name the dog Wilson she will be happy and back off? Nah, me neither! LOL!!!

    Beans, I hate when that happens. it's not often, but it aggravating! and it's always when you do a *long* comment, right??

    I think it will go pretty well, from now on. I know there will be tough times. I know it won't go as smoothly as I'd like, but I believe we're going to progress swimmingly, indeed!


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