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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This 'n' That

The "official" temperature is 88°, but it is 92 on my deck, the east side of the house, the "cool" side! It's hot! I did a little work out in the back yard a while ago, and just ten or so minutes about did me in. It wasn't hard work, just one of those why-haven't-I-already-done-that tasks. I'm going out for a few more little chores when it cools a bit more in the evening. But I'm not going out even for a "small" task until later. It's hard to believe it is in the 40s in Montana right now. That is uncharacteristic, but it is what it is! And my weather is what it is, too. So there.

I've had an insatiable desire for ice lately. Yes, some of it is the heat, especially as I experienced in Texas last week. But it goes beyond a heat inspired need. I just want to crunch on ice, half-melted cubes or the soft kind you get in some convenience stores. So what's with that? I haven't been a serious ice-chomper since .... well, I don't know, but a long time ago!

Little Guy had continued to do well today. He did have one accident, but it was caused by me! My chore outside involved the leaf blower, and it was right outside the window of the bedroom, his safe haven. I didn't even think of that before I fired it up. I came inside and could tell exactly what happened because of the "trail." When he does outside, he poops in a little pile, not in a trail! Cleaned that up and began spot cleaning the carpet with Nature's Miracle. Are you familiar with it? It is the best thing for pet owners to have in the house. It cleans, removes stains, and deodorizes carpet or other surfaces. I use it to clean any/all carpet spills. It works so much better than any carpet cleaner I've ever used, and I have not found anything that it doesn't clean. I'm wondering if I can use it in a carpet cleaner for a whole-room cleaning. I'll check it out. Anyway, if you have pets .... or kids .... or adults in your house, it is the best thing since sliced bread! Look at the vet's office or a pet supply store. ( CUT! WRAP! end commercial)

Today is Gail's birthday, and I called her this AM to give her good wishes. I also asked if she wants to go to dinner, so we are going tomorrow night. There are a couple of fairly new restaurants that are supposed to be very good in Ruidoso, so we are going to try one of those.

It's time for "outside, potty." Hope everyone has had or is having a good day. If not, then snap to, soldier!! Remember to remember .....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. I've heard that the instense desire for chewing ice could be linked to anemia. Something to think about anyway.

  2. Yup, anemia is one of the major causes of ice chewing addictions. Best to at least get it checked...

    Glad the little guy is doing so well!

  3. Casey and Froggi, now that you mention that, I remember hearing it before. Yes, I'll look into it. Thanks!

    And, yes, the character is doing well. See my newer post!!


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