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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jus' Stuff

I forgot to tell you that I had to create a barrier around my bed. I had so many men trying to find their way there that I was just going crazy! I had to keep them out some way!

Pardon? You don't believe that? Why would you not believe me? I don't get it!

OK, it was to keep the New Kid from getting under the bed. He was going there to hide on the first night, and getting him out to go potty or whatever, was miserable! I created a curious barrier with a piece of Masonite and a couple cupboard doors. It has worked well, and I'm wondering when I will be able to remove it. I'm in no hurry. But should a man come around with interest, I'd hate having to explain it!

I just hear the most inane statement on TV. The news is on. The story is about a gun store in Albuquerque that was burglarized, and a large number of guns, about two dozen, were stolen. Fortunately the automatic weapons were locked away where they weren't accessible. The news crew was interviewing a female customer, who said, and I ran this back to bet it verbatim, "We don't know who those people are and we don't know what their intent is with the weapons. Probably not a good thing. Their intent is not good." . . . . . . . Ya think????? Lawdy, what people say when they are interviewed like that! "Probably not a good thing." I swear. And here's the kicker .... the shop owner was hit a year or so ago, and as a safety measure, he installed bars over all windows. The were bent to gain access. Uhhh, Mr. Gun Store Owner, have you ever heard of security systems????? Holy stupid cow. Un-freakin'-moronic-believable. Really, what is wrong with people? I'm not anti-gun, but I'm anti-stupidity!

Ali and the New Kid are having some battles over what is OK and what isn't. It's all because the little one wants to play. Ali tells him, "get off my back," but Little Goober doesn't get it. Or doesn't listen. Or doesn't care.

Sometimes these "battles" occur on the floor with Wee Guy running circles around the poor aging Ali, as the latter barks and growls. WG seems to think this is a great game!

Other times it takes place on the bed, formerly Ali's quiet spot for his afternoon naps. And his evening naps. And his morning naps. These days, WG thinks he owns the bed, so when Ali gets up there, the game begins. Now WG might have been asleep when Ail arrives, but that's of no natter to His Royal Orneriness.

Just a few minutes ago, there was an ongoing ruckus. (I tend to let them work it out unless it seems serious, or when I sense that poor Ali has just had it.) I went to check it out, expecting it to be a floor-foray as there was one such just a few minutes earlier. But it was on the bed. Here is what I saw when I walked in.

Keep in mind that Mr. New Stuff has the ability to feign innocence at the drop of a hat!

And look at what he drug onto the bed .... a doggy bed (not heavy, but certainly awkwardly large for him) and a neck pillow (where has that been???).

Ali had turned his back to the whole scene. He was thoroughly disgusted with the entire matter.

grumble, grumble, grumble.....

"Who? Me? NO!!!"

"OK, I'll lie down and be quiet. But I'm not gonna like it."

"Heh, heh, heh! If I move a little closer to Ali, I can look innocent and still irritate him again."

Oh, the life of a doggy mom!!!


  1. He's one smart little dude. I love that he is re-arranging things.

  2. Julie, he is .... entertaining! Sometimes, too much! I am going to post later about some of his antics that make me groan! Growing pains! He is adorable, and yes, quite smart. And he keeps me on my toes!

  3. Oh my goodness, he's ADORABLE!! Sam Wilson... what an upstanding name. :)

  4. So cute!! And a barrier to keep all the men from your bed. You saucy thing, you!!

  5. Catherine, Sam Wilson .... kinda sound like one of the founding fathers, doesn't it? :D

    Jenster, well, we are do what we must do, I suppose!! giggle!


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