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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sleep Deprivation, Young Canine Induced Type

This Boy is keeping me jumping! Sometimes, too much!


This morning he woke me at 5:40. I have no idea what he wanted. He was licking my hands and arms, looking out the window, just being squirmy. I finally was awake enough to think and decided maybe he was wanting to go outside. So I dragged my sleepy patootie out of bed, and we went out. He peed, but it was clearly not urgent. Back to bed because I'm sleepy-dammit.

But, you see, The Kid wants to play now. sighhh. He tries to get me to pay attention. Then he tries China who muttered to him that she was not ready to wake up, thank you and get away. Then he goes after Ali. Who has little patience for anyone, including me, in the early AM. Who tells The Upstart, "&*^)#^%$)#*^%$&#)@, if you please." So I thought Mr. Busybody was settling down to rest, and after a few minutes, as I was drifting off, I heard ..... something. I open my eyes to find Mr. Fidget pulling the "down alternative" out of the comforter at the corner where he has pulled/chewed a hole in the backing!! (Not a difficult undertaking, as the backing is thin, stretchy gauze-like material.) We had a discussion about the inappropriateness of this action, at which time he looked at me with sweet google eyes, as if saying, "What? I was just occupying myself like you asked."

A few more minutes of hopeful interaction (on his part) with the elder dogs (who were extremely grouchy offered zero encouragement), and I moved Ali closer to my shoulder where China was to give Junior the whole foot of the bed. This seemed to help everyone's mood. Until ....

The Youngster discovered himself in the dressing mirror yesterday. If he sits at the right place on the bed, he sees that handsome young canine of Eurasian descent across the room. He does the playful lunge, the invitation to play, and the visitor reciprocates. And the game is on.

So this morning, Small Goofball began the "happy dance" across the foot of the bed, shaking the bed and irritating keeping awake the rest of the family. When he would move too much, causing him to lose sight of the handsome guy in the mirror, he would run down the doggy steps to find him. Without success, but not without pounding puppy paws as he covered that end of the room in avid search! (It is humorous and shows his intelligence that he goes first to the mirror and looks around it before broadening his range of possible hiding places!)

The funniest part of this antic is that when he does this, as he moves from side to side, enticing the stranger to play, he occasionally moves to he cannot see himself but can see me, and he stops in his tracks as if playing "Statue." Remember that game from childhood, when someone hollers the word, everyone freezes in whatever position they are at that moment? Well, he sees me and as if I have an evil eye, he becomes immobile for a few seconds. Since I don't scold him, then the game resumes as he looks for his playmate.

I think he needs a younger buddy to keep him occupied. I really, really do.

But I think that needs to wait until China is gone. Two with this energy would not be a good thing while I am dealing with her final days. I won't turn one away if it is the right companion for us, but I won't exactly go looking.

It is good to have a lively young dude in the house. I think. After I catch a nap, I'll probably be more positive about it! Maybe.


  1. You are the sweetest person. You really are. Even in your sleep deprived state!

  2. Melissa, LOL! I'm not sure if it is sweetness or brain numbness, but thanks!!

  3. I totally agree with what Melissa said.

    You are experiencing kind of what MJ feels each morning with her Sadie. Sadie loves to get up around 5:30am and when she was staying with me last weekend she wanted up at 4:30am. I have a hard time waking up to Sadie just looking at me and not getting up to let her out. Yes, I am a total sucker.

    If you continue to write about your little guy as much as you are, you will find me and Sophie on your doorstep wanting to meet him.

  4. Caroline, it's not hard to be sweet with my newest family member. Even when he pushes limits, I don't get upset. Now, if he gets under the bed and I have to squish under there to get him out .... then I'm not sweet!!

    I sincerely hope that he does not continue this early morning stuff. I don't think I can stand that!!

    OK, I'm going to close this reply and get onto my next post about The Boy!!! C'mon out!!!

  5. OH*MY*GOD!!! He is too funny!!! Maybe you guys can get a nap this afternoon.

  6. Daisy, haven't you heard? .... there is no rest for the wicked!! :D I'm actually doing OK for now. We'll play it by ear.

  7. I have a feeling you are running THE CANINE MONTESSORI SCHOOL......all kinds of kids, learning to get along lol
    And what a great job you are doing, with tons of love and patience too.


  8. LOL,Ruth, you may be right on there!

  9. HA!! So funny. A least he pees when you take him out at the crack of dawn. Addie will wake up sometimes and we take her out at 4am and she goes out, turns around and sits there looking at you. It is infuriating. We now put her in her crate then if she doesn't go potty that early so we can get some sleep. If she wakes after 5:30am we will take her out and let her play outside until we get up.

  10. Beans, Let's just hope I'm always that lucky!! I wish I could feel OK aobut leaving them out, but in this area, especially with the drought, I'm afraid to. There have been mountain lions seen even in town recently as animals are going where they must to find food, and the predators follow.

  11. Liked this entry! It was just by chance that I came across your blog, but great to meet another dog lover...keep writing :)

  12. A, thank you for stopping by! Dog lovers are always welcome here!!


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