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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not My Usual Post

I try, at least for the most part, to avoid politics in this blog, but I have to make this one thing today. I am aghast that Congress seems to be ignoring or taking this lightly. It has been in the media but relatively mildly, as compared to some of the other things being yakked up.

Do you remember the uproar about Bill Clinton's foible? What he did was embarrassing and reckless, but I don't think it endangered my future or yours. And it was on one count over which he was impeached, then found not guilty. But take a look at this (ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH) and ask yourself why this man is still in the Oval Office, with that idiotic grin on his face and no sweat on his brow. Please ..... read it. Don't just shrug it off. READ IT. Even if you adore GWB, you should look at this list, as it will take your breath away. Then I encourage you to contact your Congressional representatives. If you don't know who they are or how to contact them go HERE, and just put in your zip code.

I understand these are currently "accusations," so to speak. But I read them and I am angered and brought almost to tears that these things are even in the realm of possibility for a president of our country.

OK, I'm done. I just hope you will read this , think about it, and speak out to the people who are supposed to be r.e.p.r.e.s.e.n.t.a.t.i.n.g us, you and me, and our rights as citizens.


  1. i think he is still in office because the political mechanisms which back him are powerful and corrupt. honestly, i think the power behind the throne is the biggest threat. bush has been their puppet for 8 years.

  2. keep up the politics good lyn.
    don't be quiet when you have something of importance to tell.
    i'm sending everyone and their brother the link to this article.

  3. Mary and Cameo both said it well, Lynilu.

  4. I have ben saying for a long, long time that I think GWB is part of Satan's Squad. There is just too much bad (though I say evil) in all he does.

  5. I am like you...I don't know why that idiot is still in office with his idiotic grin and no sweat on his brow. I don't know how the idiot got elected let alone reelected. There are so many uninformed people plus I really feel like Mary here in that he is just a puppet of the corrupt people behind him. I plan to send this to everyone I know.

  6. All, I agree with your views, nothing more need be said.

    Well, except to respond to one thing Daisy said .... how he got elected? Does the term "hanging chads" bring back a memory?

    I also think the Electoral College is out of date and should be disbanded. In this day and age, we can certainly allow the popular vote to stand; IT IS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.

  7. Amen!! Thank you for posting this link. I, too, will spread the word.

  8. You know that I try to avoid the topic as well but as the election heats up it will be harder.
    In my mind, this is all just too little too late, and my anger is still directed at the 52% of Americans who voted him into his second term.
    It really only feels as if the reason that 52% has walked away from him is because the war wasn't wrapped up nicely and they got impatient and frustrated with the fact that they didn't get cheaper gas out of the deal. This administration is the biggest joke, but Americans allowed it to happen for 4 more years.

  9. Oh, and that was me....Julie.-:)

  10. Agreed and he's a republican, 'nuff said. Their power, greed and total disregard for american humanity truly frightens me.

  11. Cat, thanks. Aren't you a bit surprised at how little has been said the the mainstream media about this?? Especially with a Democrat-controlled congress! What's with that?

    Wickster44/Julie, I hear that, loud and clear. I just don't understand how we allowed that to happen a second time around. All I can say is that the 52% were being very quiet, because I talked to very, very few who didn't dislike that man before his reelection! What happened??

    And .... a secret identity?? ;D

    MQ, them what has wants to keeps it, all of it, I guess. Yeah, I guess I'm some sort of an abomination to the "haves" part of our society, but I'll never be rich because I enjoy sharing what I can with the "have nots." It feels better than the having.


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