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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts on Dogs

Max watches TV. Not all the time, of course, but there are times when he hears a sound, a tone of voice, certain music, and he turns his head to watch until he figures it out. He usually watched for a couple minutes, and then he goes on about his business! It crack me up! No, I don't have a picture, because every time I see it I get so tickled and watch him until he is done! The camera never even comes to mind!

It seems that he hears an intriguing sound and checked it out. That fascinates me, probably because I've lived with dogs with hearing loss for such a long time. Beginning about six or seven years ago, when Mai Lin got to the point that I had to raise my voice to be heard, then China began to "ignore" me about three or so years ago, and in the last year, Ali has also lost hearing. I've learned to raise my voice to be heard, and now I find myself almost shouting to tell them good boy/girl, or shouting, whistling clapping and even stomping my feet to get their attention to come back in, whatever.

Now, I have hearing dogs again, and it is an adjustment for me, to be sure. I shout at them outside, and they look at me like "What???" And the TV thing is new and interesting. Then there is when I drop something .... Ali and China don't hear it, sleep right through the crash or clang, but Sam and Max? They jump and stare or even run the other way!

So we all are making adjustments in this house. It is new for us all, and we are suffering through the learning curve. And laughing through it, too.

Ali is becoming much more gentle with the newbies. He still has to growl and set them in their place occasionally, but it isn't a bad growl. He is still king of the hill here, for sure, but as I compare him to the pups, he is certainly showing his age. Sweet guy that he is, he is pretty laid back about life, and is taking a well-deserved break from activity, letting the younger guys take over that activity. I know, too, that he is already grieving China. Perhaps he knows better than I do what her remaining time is. I don't know. I wonder how much longer he will live when she is gone. I can't tell you how I will miss each of them. Fifteen years is a long time, and we traveled well over 15,000 miles together. A long journey.

Since I didn't have puppy-watching-TV pictures, here are some sunset shots from just a few minutes ago:

And some Canine WWF shots:

"I got here first!"
"No, I got here first!"
"No, I got here first!"
"No, I got here first!"
"No, I got here first!"

"I'm tellin' ya it's MY bed!"

"HA! Try to take it!"

"Don't mess with me. Get outta my space!"

"You look yummy!!"

"Whut? He started it!"

"I'll show you whose bed it is!"

"HONEST, Ma! I'm just minding my own business! Really!"

"No he's not! He's got me pinned and he's hurting me!!!!"

"Yaaawwwn. This is getting boring. You're an easy one to beat."

I put this on is because it is so funny. You'll have to enlarge it to see that Sam was moving, making it blur, but his little "fangs" are bared like a serious fight! Too funny when you consider he's the smallest at 10.4 pounds!!

Oh he heard that, so I have to say "But he's 10 pounds of pure muscle and total strength!!"

Night, all!!!


  1. The sunset pictures are just beautiful.

    I can't believe that I get to meet the boys in just a few days....I am so excited. Oh, and I am also excited to see you.

  2. Caroline, thanks. They're excited about meeting you, too!

    I'm just glad all of you agreed to let me come along on the adventure!!

  3. The sunset pics are amazing. I love the doggy pics, makes me miss my puppy so much. So exciting to see they are having so much fun though :)

  4. I know you are having so much joy with the new dogs and bittersweet feelings about Ali & China. Just remember how lucky they are to have you as their doggy Mom all those years.

  5. Love the gorgeous sunsets!

    Your dogs crack me up. Do they both have a bed and fight over the one?

  6. R, thank you. I know you are missing JJ a lot. And, yes, these guys do have fun, a lot of it, everyday!! They are so much fun to have around.

    MQ, you're right about the mixed feelings. The new kids in some ways make it even more obvious how greatly A & C are aging, yet their liveliness has breathed a new vitality into us all. And I have to tell you, my life has been greatly improved by their paw prints on my heart. :')

    Daisy, thanks!

    Girl, I have at least *8* doggy beds of various types, and they all sleep in each bed when they choose. No one has a favorite that they have claimed. No, it seems these two have chosen that particular bed as their wrestling ring! Go figure!


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