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Friday, June 20, 2008

Planning a Little Road Trip

I can’t believe it is 9:30 in the morning, and the temperature is just 66° outside! This is most unusual. The sky is very overcast, of course, and I think there is a slight chance of rain today. I hope some of the “slight” makes it. We really need the moisture.

We’ve had a smidgen of rain three times in recent days, but none of it enough to really make a difference. I have errands to run today, but I sincerely hope that it begins a steady, gentle rain and goes all day long. That still wouldn’t take care of all the moisture needs, but it would help. And errands in the rain beats complete dryness.

Errands .... I have to do a few things to be ready for my upcoming little trip. If you don’t read Caroline’s blog, you haven’t heard about this, so here goes.....

Caroline and I are having a wee little adventure this weekend. I have a commitment on Saturday that I couldn't change, so we are driving to meet each other on Sunday. It is a drive of about fourteen hours from my place to hers, and neither of us could make the whole trip, a two day drive each way. Caroline has her job to keep up with, and she is saving time up for a nice long visit in the fall, and I can't get far from home because it is just too hard on China to make long trips. So we are splitting it, each of us driving seven hours to meet and have a short visit. We're going to have part of the afternoon, the night and probably part of the morning together before we both turn around and head home. But it will be good for Caroline to get away for a short time, she will get to meet Sam and Max, get some love and cuddles from Ali and China, and breathe without worrying about daily stuff.

It be a good break for me, too. I really miss Caroline being right next door. Considering the differences in our ages, 29 years(!!), it is surprising and interesting how close we are. If I could convince her to come to NM, I would be SO happy, but I know if she ever moves it will probably be north, not south. I'm still working on that, however. :D And ..... we get to eat at one of our favorite places! I discovered it during my travels to and from KC, recommended it to Caroline, and we are both hooked!

Caroline is also doing me a favor. She is running an errand for me on her way. What errand could possibly be closer to her place than mine? Well, you'll have to wait to hear about that! Actually she is doing an errand in KC before she starts and then stopping to bring me something I've been wanting for some time that is closer to her than to me, just far enough I really couldn't get there on my own. So two special errands! :D

She is not bringing Sophie, something that I will miss. Sophie is a special friend, too, and she knows I always have special doggy treats for her. but Caroline felt that this trip might be easier if she doesn't have Soph along. I'll send treats home with Caroline, however, so Sophie will know I thought of her. :)

I mentioned that Caroline is coming to visit in the fall. She's been planning that for a while. So while she was making her plans, a conversation came up in Bloggerville that included Julie, too. Julie mentioned that on her list of "Things to do in 2008" was "#38. See New Mexico." So I said she was welcome to come visit and stay with me, and before long Julie and Caroline put their pates together, and I'm going to have them both as house guests in about three months! Woo Hoo!! That is gonna be fun!

So there you have it. Got you curious? LOL! Good!! Stay tuned!!


  1. Daisy, thank you, I will. :)

  2. Awwww...thank you for your kind words. I am thrilled to be seeing you this weekend. I am already planning on not getting much sleep on Sunday night...there will be too many dogs to love on and get to know.

    I wish Sophie was coming as well, but I know she will have more fun with Sadie then riding in the car with me.

    I would actually consider moving to where you are because you do get snow in the winter. Also, the summers are not too hot. Don't loose hope yet...

    I love you Lynilu....

  3. Caroline, I'm excited, too! I think it is going to be fun. We just live too far apart, don't we? I'll miss Sophie, the sweet girl. Don't let me forget to send treats back to her. And you're right, she ill love being with Sadie.

    Oh, boy! NM isn't out!!! :D

    Love you back!

  4. Now this sounds like fun and using your heads...time together in half the distance!! 7 hours is still a long trip but you'll be staying put for a bit before heading to your separate homes so that's good. You'll really enjoy this.

    And in the fall? That sounds like it is going to be WAY too much fun!

    Drive safe and have a ball!

  5. Sherry, I think it will be fun. I wish it could be longer, but we will have more time in the fall. And speaking of the fall .... wanna come, too? :D

  6. I am so excited for our trip in the fall, hanging out with friends while seeing a place I've never been? Priceless. You both seem to like road trips too, so this midway meeting sounds like a great idea! Have FUN!
    Caroline and I will work out the details for the fall trip soon!

  7. Julie, lots to look forward to!! Yippee!! I think we are going to have a lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to it!

    I do love road trips. I used to travel by air almost all the time, but in the last SO MUCH that I missed by flying over!!


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