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Monday, June 16, 2008

Play Time!!

Play time!!!!

This evening was a wild one!

I left the flash off for this so you could see "Greased Lightning"!!!

Every time I got ready with the camera, they stopped!

And posed!

Doesn't Sam look like he means business? LOL!

See the slipper near the door? It is from the bedroom. I found it on the deck!!

Max and Sam spent almost all evening racing from the bedroom through the kitchen and living room, onto the deck (I propped the door open for them), thundered up and down the deck, back inside and repeat the whole process! If they don't sleep well tonight, It will amaze me!

China joined in for about five minutes. I was surprised that she lasted that long, but interestingly, it seemed that the boys were being fairly gentle with her. They do have a special sense about them, I think. :')

We had a sudden rain. Yes, r.a.i.n!!! It lasted about 30 or 45 seconds. I couldn't believe it. A few minutes later we went outside, and there was no sign of moisture on the ground at all. But while it was raining, Maxwell became ferocious, barking at the deck as if to scare it away! I guess the sound on the tin roof surprised him!



  1. You need to take some videos of them playing. I wish everyone could hear what it's like talking to you on the phone...we will be talking about something serious when all of a sudden you hear Ali barking up a storm in the background and then Lynilu usually has find out what is going on with the puppies.

    I love China in the pictures because she is looking like, "I have no idea what the hell is going on here."

  2. Lyn,
    I have gone back and read post after post about your delightful companions. What lucky babies to have found you and their wonderful home.

    It is a shame that more people do not know the love that comes with rescuing little souls in need.

    You are right at the top of my hero list. I am looking forward to many more adventures of the Canine Corp sharing your life.

  3. Yes I do think the dogs have a "spidey sense" concerning China. How sweet.

  4. Sadie does a little "racing" of her own. It's the funniest thing to watch. Sounds like Sam and Max are quite the pair.

  5. Caroline, I'll try that! It would be funny to see them at their best/worst!

    Maria, since I have begun the rescuing, I have fallen in love with it. It is not without challenge (!!!), but so worth it! I feel good that They'll have a good life and I'll have great companions! Thanks!

    MQ, animals are amazing, aren't they? I wish we could talk and know how they "think,", but if they could talk, they would probably lose some of those marvelous extra senses, too.

    MJ, it *is* funny to watch when they start that! And yes, they are a pair, indeed! I'll be posting about them (duh!) later today.


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