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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Special Request

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I have a special request for my friend Madeleine who has lost most of her sight. She has just enough vision to get around her house, and in bright light, like out doors, she can get around if she is careful. However, she can not even recognize faces, as by the time she is close enough to see features, she is so close she can't put the whole face together. You can read more about her here.

My request is that if you have any books on CD that you are willing to part with, could I entice you to send them to me to pass on to her? She is terribly bored, having lost her ability to create her wonderful wood vases, bowls, etc., to read, to drive, to take a walk, to cook (other than the most simple sandwiches or such), all the things that are second nature to most of us. I'm sure that if her vision does not improve with surgeries that are planned, she will begin training to live with this, but for now, she is caught up in limbo and just terribly bored. Her worst days are those when her husband must travel for his job. He has been able to cut this down to a couple days a week, but can't completely stop it. She is home alone, and while there is a little army of neighbors and friends who are on the schedule to cook for her, drive her if necessary, or just keep her company for a while, it is tough for her to keep herself busy. She is devouring all the books on CD at the library, and I'm also searching other nearby libraries for resources. I do not know her taste as yet, I'm looking for just about anything to help her get through the days.

If you can do this, it would be so much appreciated. Send me an email at, and I will give you my physical address for mailing. I will even do my best to return them to you if you want them back. Honestly, I can't promise, but barring some strange mishap, I should be able to do so. Be sure your name is on the CD case, and your return address in my hands if you want them back. If not, I'll let Madeline keep them or donate them to the library as she wishes.

Thanks everyone.


  1. This is a reality check for me, showing me how lucky I still am. I don't own any books on CD, but if I find any at a yard sale or library sale I'll let you know.

    I've been crying a lot the past couple of days, as I face the loss of my employment and insurance, but I'm learning how to allow the emotions, then move on. This was the perfect time for me to read about Madeleine. At least I'm glad she has a husband and hope of improvement after surgeries. I can just imagine what she's going through, especially when her husband is gone.

    I really appreciate my sight right now!


  2. Betty,it is a reality check, indeed. And I appreciate your thoughts and efforts.

    Madeleine is luck to have her hub, however, on the same day that she was finally released from the hospital, he was told his job was changing, including his territory and his salary was cut back. They are not destitute, of course, but it has made a huge impact in their lives. As she said the other day, “things may not be good for us right now, but I can’t imagine either of us facing our own ‘stuff’ without the other along side.” What a way to look at it!

  3. BTW, Betty, your emotional rawness right now is to be expected. I'm glad you're letting it happen. Fighting it would only make it worse. Hang strong. Something is out there for you, I'm sure of it. :)

  4. Hey-I don't have any books on tape, but have they checked out the library for the blind in the area? I used to work with a guy who would have a HUGE catalog sent to him monthly and he could choose as many as he wanted and they would send them, and send a postage paid return envelope and it was all free. I think he had to have a doc sign off on something. Might want to check it out.

    I will continue to send good thoughts her way.

  5. Check out . . .

  6. Beans, thanks for the information! We are utilizing all the libraries in this area with different friends going to different libraries for her. I just think the more options for material we can find, the better it will be for her. Finding many books of interest can be the challenge.

    I checked the link and have submitted information for them to contact me, and I'll see if anything more can be done. Great help, thanks!!!

  7. I will keep an eye out for some but i've never did books on tape, just the printed page. I am so sorry for your friend. Does she have macular degeneration or just cataracts or am I being too too nosey here? Sorry. I hope she gets lots & lots of books.

  8. Is there any type book she likes best?? (Mysteries? Romance?? Sci Fi?) Maybe I will buy her a couple. I certainly know where to get them. ;-)

  9. Patti, the audio books are great! I sometime put one in and listen while I go about housework, but my favorite is to hear one while I drive. The time flies!!

    She had a staph infection(MRSA) which spread through her body and almost killed her, now leaving her with serious aftereffects of vision loss, hearing loss. She's an artist, so it is even more serious for her, because it means she probably won't be able to create again. :(

    Daisy, I'm going to talk with her tomorrow, and I'll find out her taste. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  10. Oh, I wish had some books on CD to share. But I am a conventional book reader, so I don't. I'm sorry.

    I wish you a lot of luck on this. It's such a great idea!!!

  11. Cheryl, no problem if you don't. I thought I'd ask because I have some I've heard, and it is unlikely I'll listen again, so it makes a good second use for the, and she will donate them then to the library. Others, I amay well listen to again, so I'll get those back. Just like the traditional written/printed books, these can benefit several people before being "retired"!!

  12. I don't have any books on CD but I am going to keep this in mind Lynilu. I'll help out if I can find any for Madeleine.

    My mother had macular degeneration (among other things) and had to read via CD and being able to read was one of her many pleasures in life.

    She borrowed CDs and tapes from the library and I know how limited those can be.

  13. Sherry, thanks, so much! You're right, there are just so many available in libraries. It is improving, but the selection for sighted people is far, far broader.


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