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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everything is NOT Okay in OK

There is an Air Force Base nearby at Alamogordo, Holloman AFB. In the last couple months, there have been
sonic booms thanks to the arrival of the F-22, aka The Raptor, to that base. OK, I'm glad we have air protection, but these booms are obnoxious! They are like the loudest thunder you can imagine, and literally shake the house. The good thing is that, unlike thunder which rumbles over and over and gives a sense of warning, these come in singles, one for each plane, so we just hear two or three. The sharpness and sheer volume is driving the dogs nuts!! And they aren't helping my nerves, either! We aren't getting them every day or even every week, but if we were, we might get used to it (not that I'm asking for that!!!). When these occur, it is sudden and very, VERY startling. Poor little Sam loses it and runs around wildly, Joey runs to my side, and Max looks around like "What the.....???" before moving in my direction. There is no solution that I know of, but I wish they would go away and boom at someone else!

I've been on a cleaning jag today. I've accomplished a lot, much of it "deep cleaning," doing some of those things that most of us tend to avoid. My house doesn't really look much better, but it feels nice to know those unseen things have been done.

I've been trying to arrange a motel room in Broken Arrow, OK, for when I go to my niece's wedding and then pick up Joey's little lady and bring her home. I went through this once before, but I thought It was just a fluke and the fact that I didn't have time to research very thoroughly. But .... I was wrong. And I'd forgotten it in the two years since I went through this before. The thing is, I'm guessing that Oklahoma is the most unfriendly toward pets that I have encountered. I can not find a motel that will accept pets even vaguely near my brother's home. Period. I've called AAA and they are sending me a Tourbook, and hopefully I will find one within reasonable distance from the events. I'm now remembering, too, that when I was moving I couldn't find a motel accepting pets until I was nearly out of OK, in Hinton, where Caroline and I stayed a few weeks ago.

My plan has been to take Joey with me so he and his sweetie can reacquaint themselves before we get back and she is in the chaos with the other boys. I have arranged for a house sitter to stay with the others. Now I don't know if I will need to rethink everything. I'll see what I find in the Tour book, as it is usually very helpful for that. I hope I can find something within a reasonable distance from my brother's area. If not ..... I don't know.

I'm really irritated over this. I can not believe how pet-unfriendly the state of Oklahoma appears to be. I'm at the point of considering whether to contact the state official who would handle this, I'm assuming it would be the head of the Department of Tourism, to raise this issue. Let me ask you .... are any of you from OK, or have family/friends you visit there? Have you been traveling through, and what was your experience? I've driven from KC to Seattle through NB, SD, WY,MT, and ID, then from then through OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, TX, LA, AL, MS, to FL
, then back to KC via GA, TN, KY, IN, and IL. I've been to KS, CO, AR and SD on other trips. I have never found a town, even small ones, without a motel that would accept my babies! But in all of OK, just that one place in Hinton! WHAT IS WITH THAT??????

OK, I'll stop. I'm out of breath, anyway. Could you tell I'm upset? LOL!
K?loi9 (oops! that was courtesy of Sam who just landed with a flying leap beside me, paws on the computer!!)

Night, all!!


  1. I live in Oklahoma, and I volunteer for the Oklahoma Humane Society ( I think a lot of people have encountered what you are finding. It may be worse in rural areas or small towns; I believe there are quite a few hotels here in OKC that accept pets.

    In my opinion, the problem is that in much of Oklahoma (and other southern states), your dogs are viewed as "property" instead of part of the family. There's not that mentality of understanding that people would WANT to travel with their pets, or would WANT their pets to be with them in a motel room. I think it's changing, slowly but surely, but we're not there yet.

    All that aside, you'd think it would just be good customer service to allow a paying guest to have a pet in the room, especially if you make them pay a pet deposit or something. That's not unreasonable to ask.

    I don't know what to offer you in the way of a suggestion. But keep in mind that our state only got a Humane Society ONE year ago. We are a little behind the times when it comes to taking care of our animals, but we're getting there. Have a good trip to Oklahoma!

  2. I agree with the first comment. I know there are several hotels in OKC that are the same hotel we stayed at in Hinton and since we know they accept pets that might be the best thing. How far is Broken Arrow from OKC?

    I am still seeing if I can make that trip in August. If I am able to make it, Joey, his girl and I can hang out in OKC while you go visit with family.

  3. Sam wanted to put his two cents in about this issue too, eh. I'm thinking that you're more likely to find pet friendly motels in the mom & pop establishments, ones that are less likely to be listed in AAA. But that's just a hunch.

    When we rented a motel up north here in Michigan a month ago, I know my brother also rented a room and they accepted his pet pooch. This outfit certainly wasn't listed in AAA. I remember when we checked in, the owner's dog was next to us, sitting up as if begging for something. Never could find out what he wanted though.

  4. GFG, good for you for the work with the Humane Society. At least I don't feel as if I'm crazy at this point after reading your comment.

    I suspect you are right about the attitude thing. However, OK is the only state that I have encountered almost total rejection; most places I've been have had some options wherever I've stopped for a night. I hope there will be continuing improvement in OK, as I have friends and relatives there, and it is hard to visit them without accommodations for my babies.

    Most motels/hotels ask a deposit or a small additional fee for pets, and I don't mind that. But, as you indicate in the first paragraph, these guys are my family, and I want them to travel with me and be comfortable with me at night.

    I'm glad the Humane Society is coming into the picture. Perhaps over time, that will help to make progress in many ways. I'm impressed so far with the rescue shelter when I got/am getting Joey and his little lady. She seems to be very caring and willing to work with people so the animals can find their forever homes. I have hope for OK and the Humane Society. I'm just currently frustrated with the motel thing.

    Again, thanks!

    Thanks for the info!

  5. Caroline, I discovered that that chain is not completely open to dogs! On my trip to FL last fall, I was checking them, and found a couple that didn't. Oh, BA is probably a 2 hour drive from OKC. Too far for convenience.

    Good. Go ahead and check, and I'll let you know what I find out about accommodations. Thanks!!

  6. Dave, I've found lots of pet-friendly motels in big chains, little ones, and the mom & pop places, too. It all depends on the management of each, I suppose. AAA doesn't cover all establishments, of course, but they co most, and they tell you which ones will allow pets to stay. It helps a lot to start there.

    I guess it is kind of a crap shoot in some cases, finding the place that will. Glad your bro did. Perhaps the owner's dog was begging you to take him home with you!! LOL!!


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