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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jus' Stuff

To my eternal delight, the dogs love the new crate. I had two crates.

This is one, the regular old carrier. They really didn't much like this one. I finally decided it was because they couldn't see out as well, because no matter who I put in this one, he whined. Except for China. She kinda like to escape into it, I think. But it is the boys, the new kids who need these, and they didn't like it.

This is the old crate that they all liked. The good thing is that it is big enough for two of them. And they all like to cuddle, so two in this are fine. No one complains when I put them in here.

Joey demonstrates that this crate is OK. He just goes in an rests often. So does Ali. During the day, I often find him in this crate, if he is not on my bed.

And this is the new crate. Like the one above, they all love it. I know they love it because I put two boys in one of them and one in the other last night, and this morning they allowed me to sleep in. What is funny is that I woke at the time they have been waking me, about 6:00. I guess they have reset my internal alarm, so I'm hoping I can run it back to 7:00. They didn't peep this morning until just before 7:00, so maybe...... ???

I had to take Sammy to the vet today. I discovered he had worms, and although they have all been wormed, this was different, blasted tapeworms, and required a different medication by injection. I left everyone else at home, but almost wavered when little China gave me the sad eyes as we went out the door. :( Sam enjoyed the quiet ride with me. He curled up beside me with his head on my thigh and just slept most of the time. In fact he snored about half way there! He did better at the vet's office than he has done in the past. He was not exactly a happy boy about being in public and around other people, but he did not loose it at all! Another step of socialization is accomplished!

On another good note, Joey has let me know several times over the past few days that he wants to go out. Unfortunately, he doesn't make noise, but he puts his paw on the door and looks at me. Occasionally his claws make a little noise, and once he actually scratched a couple times. If I'm not looking, or if he makes no noise, then we have a problem, but he hasn't had an indoor accident that I know of in at least 5 days! The other boys aren't as good at telling me, but on the other hand, they go out and do their business without much trouble, so regular outdoor trips are resolving their accidents. I may have missed some pee accidents, but I think we have been accident free with Sam and Max for over a week!! Yay!! Of course, it is still at the stage of me being the trained one, not them, but that is OK. It won't be too much longer until they'll be doing it on their own. Then.... then I will have Joey's little lady here and will probably spend the next month training her, but it should help to have just one at a time to be constantly vigilant over!!

It seems as if it has taken a long time, but Sam has been here six weeks, Max five weeks, and Joey just four. If you consider that with puppies, the can be slightly trained at six weeks and usually fairly well trained by wight weeks, then these guys aren't doing bad.

Speaking of the boys, they all three just ran to the end of the deck and were barking. I wondered what they were doing. I walked down and here is what they saw some 30 or 40 feet down the drive......

I told them it was just a little bunny foo-foo, and they all three cocked their heads at me like a chorus of "HUH??"

He seems to understand that they are contained on the deck and he is safe.

I love being on my deck. And here is my new "command central."

The new hammock chair with my laptop and the phone nearby. I'm loving it even more with this new chair! OMG, is it comfortable!! The guy at the store told me that both the hammock and chair would be more comfortable that most because they are made of cotton, not synthetics and wouldn't pinch like the others. He is right! Even in shorts it is a comfortable seat.

And here is the hammock. Not where it will stay, but simply where I had two holes already and could put it up quickly to check size. I'll drill new holes soon and have it ready for use.

I couldn't resist, however, and I crawled in it after taking the pictures, and ohhhh, is it comfortable!! That will encourage me to get it ready!

Isn't it beautiful? I just love how fancy it is. The dogs got hold of it while I had it draped and was putting up the hardware, however, and broke a couple wooden beads! Little rats! It will be too complex to replace them, so I'm not going to fret about it. Not a big deal.

OK, gotta go take the guys for a walk. everyone take care!


  1. Glad the dogs are doing better. I wish Sadie wouldn't get me up at 5am.

  2. I am sooo jealous of your hammock. Your deck looks like a marvelous place, Lyn.

    Eeesh, sorry to hear about the worms!

  3. I am very lucky because Sophie rarely gets me up early. Most times she will sleep even after I get up. And she is so good that in the mornings when I go to work she will wait until after I have showered and dressed before needing to go out.

    Glad that your boys are doing better.

  4. MJ, have you talked with a vet about that? You might get some pointers on how to restructure her behavior. I would go crazy with that because I can rarely go back to sleep when wakened early like that. You're a better woman than me, Gunga Din!

  5. Caroline, I think part of it is the age of the dog. Ali and China will stay in bed till near noon some times. It really does help that Sophie lets you get dressed now, since you don't have a fenced yard for her to run. She's a good girl!

    Me, too! It is beginning to feel almost normal these days!

  6. Catherine, the hammock is wonderful! I'm thinking I will be enjoying it a lot!

    Yeah, me, too. When something like this happens, I always feel like a bad dog-mommy, but the vet assured me it was not something that could have happened because I did something wrong. He said it probably came from his days on the street when he might have eaten a mouse or rabbit or something of the sort. Regardless, it is icky.

  7. Here it is 1:30am and guess who got me up to go outside???? I swear that dog knew what I wrote about her not getting me up to go outside. Grrrr....but I still love her.

  8. I can never decide who does the waking up in this house. I like to blame the cats but I get up at the same time when I'm not here.
    That hammock looks SO comfy!

  9. i wanna a hammock.
    and a porch.

  10. Caroline, this is a little spooky .... at 12:38 my time, I woke up with you on my mind!, now look at the time you posted that message, 12:39 my time!!!

    I know what you mean about the aggravation of getting up at that time of night! Especially since it means you kinda have to get dressed to take her out now! But, yeah, you should still love her. She's a good girl. :)

    Julie, that's how I am, too. but go ahead, blame the cats. It's not like they will argue the fact! LOL!

    The hammock IS comfy!

    Cameo, the porch might be a bit more difficult to come by, but hammocks are easy, and I'm betting you have some trees you could use to hang the hammock! But bug Chris, and maybe he'll let you add a porch, too. :D

  11. Oh, I am glad the dogs like at least one of the crates. I am also glad they are sleeping in for you. I think ours is hard wired for 5:30am . . .no matter what. I have gotten good at sleep walking to the door, letting her out and feeding her, then going back to bed.

    LOVE the hammock and chair. I always said I wanted a hammock, but we have no really good space for it. I did just get one of those lawn chair looking things that tilts back on sale at bed bath and beyond! I am excited to use it--but it has been raining here since I got it . . .

    Well, we're off to the vet. I swear they are going to think we have munchausen's because we are there so much.

  12. Beans, it is good that they like both of the wire crates, so that when I get my little lady here in three weeks, I can put two of them in each crate. It is wonderful that they get along and like to double-up so they can cuddle! I don't know what I would do with 4 crates!!

    That lawn chair that you mention is comfortable, too. I got it at BB&B, as well, and it is well worth it.

    LOL about the vet/munchausen's! We all look a little nutty to the vet, I suppose, at least part of the time!!

  13. The second crate is the kind I have. Holly slept in it before she left us.

    I love your hammock, I want a Pawleys Island Hammock so-o-o-o bad!

  14. MQ, that crate is the one that China was born and raised in! I've had it *that* long! They are nice crates, and most dogs like them because they can see out. Ah, sweet little Holly. :')

    I love the hammock! it is really comfortable and it absolutely did not "pinch" me, so I think I'm gonna be in it a lot!!

  15. i have major bunny/dog issues. my dog is a beagle and he chases the rabbits. usually they get away but when they bunnies are close to the back door eating, they don't have as much time to run. so i do a bunny check before letting my dog simon out the door.

  16. Anon, my guys would have been after that poor little bunny if they'd been able. A few days earlier I took a couple of them for a walk, and Max spotted a cotton tail near the road, and he took off like a shot! I had a good grip on the leash, and it felt like my arm was being pulled out of the socket as he reached the end and his whole body flew up into the air!!

  17. I LOVE the chair and the hammock.

  18. Gorgeous! I, too, am jealous. When the boys are out of the house, I may be comin' to live with you!!

  19. Daisy, :D me, too!!

    Kathi, LOL! OK, how long do I have to clean the house?? Giggle!!


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