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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Dogs Can Read!! (Maybe)

The Boys will play with anything. Anything. So I have to be careful about what is on the floor. Or near the floor. Or anywhere they can get to, like on the table behind the couch or hanging off the edge of the counter where they can jump and pull down. Or hanging from the ceiling. OK, that last one is not true but it feels like it.

Yesterday Sam and Max were playing with a booklet. I wasn't sure what it was, but I remembered it was something I dropped earlier and didn't think it was important enough to pick up right then. They were having a tug-of-war with it. in the following picture, Sam had just wrestled it out of Max's jaws, and was running with it, thus the blurry baby boy.

A moment later Max won it back. I was actually trying to take a picture of them tugging, and Sam got the what-the-heck-she's-got-that-silver-box-again look and backed away. So I took a picture of Max. And then I realized what the booklet was. I was caught by the fact that it almost looked as if he were reading the booklet. It's the booklet that came with the new crate, about house training. I had to laugh when I realized what it was, and I wondered if he is reading it to help his older brother with their "potty training"!!! LOL!

Next thing I knew, they were both down on the floor with their noses right on the booklet!!

Then Max turned it over, and I swear he was trying to open it to read inside!!

Earlier today I looked down and Sam and Max were sleeping in the cutest position. When I picked up the camera I was very quiet, and I almost made it into the position I wanted for the photo when Sam woke up and sat up. Before he moved, Sam was on his side with his belly facing Max, their little front paws were together, almost as if they were holding hands! Talk about adorable!! I'm so sorry I missed it.

Late this afternoon it began to rain as was expected. For about ten minutes it was a nice shower with some thunder in the background. Then, Katy bar the door, it started pouring!! Again!! It only rained for perhaps another ten or fifteen minutes, but I was beginning to worry! My back yard had a lot of standing water when it was over, but nothing serious in runoff.

Given the weather situation in the last few days here, I couldn't help but be a bit worried for a while. There were still some heavy-duty clouds when the rain stopped, and I was hoping we weren't in for more devastation, and I looked out the window.

I don't think there is anything to worry about! :)

BTW, do you see the "shadow" of a second rainbow to the right?

I haven't said it in a while.

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. I am surprised that you just realized your dogs can read. Who do you think read my mapquest directions after I picked up Joey?

  2. Caroline, silly me! I keep thinking they are dogs!

  3. What clever dogs you have. I love the rainbow and its shadow.

  4. Daisy, like their mom!!! LOL!! Isn't that a pretty one? You know, I've seen more rainbows since moving here than I've seen in any comparable time I can remember. Very cool.

  5. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they can read. Dogs are smart!

    We had a nice thunder boomer last night but Madison said it was "too loud" LOL (when is thunder ever quiet i'd like to know?!)

    I do see the double rainbow. Doubly gorgeous!


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