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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just heard a commercial about stopping smoking, and they named off some of the chemicals in cigarettes, and it took my breath away. So I googled "chemicals in cigarettes." Do it yourself if you want or go here, and here, the first two sites in the google search, and here for Wikipedia. No, it didn't list whale vomit, but you aren't going to believe what is there.

No wonder people are addicted.

No wonder people are dying.

If you're a smoker, don't avoid looking at these lists. Maybe it will give you the revulsion you need to quit.


  1. I smoked Shermans in high school for 3 months, thinking it was cool.
    All it took was one weekend for me to get really really sick at a party, and I've hated smoke (and beer) ever since then.
    Cigaretttes are NASTY. I don't understand why people don't get it.
    Bad for your lungs, bad for your baby if you are pregnant or forcing your little one to inhale what you are exhaling, your clothes stink, your breath stinks, your car stinks, even your house can stink.
    I wish they'd just quit making them altogether. Or hey, people would just stop buying them altogether.

  2. I am SO glad I have never smoked. I might have done a few others things but never smoked. Not ciggies and not weed.

  3. I don't smoke and never have with the exception of trying it in High School. Both my parents smoked whie I was gowing up. I never realized how nasty it made everything smell until I moved out. I always resented my parents smoking. Particularly my mother who was a registered nurse and should have known better.

  4. Annie, I smoked a little more than that, off and on for about 10 years, not heavily. But who knows what damage I did, even so? Smoking is a vile habit, and it is made even more awful by the addictive and destructive chemicals added with the insidious intent of "hooking" people into something that will likely cause their death.

    Yeah, people! Quit buying them!!

    MQ, good for you!!!!!

  5. Daisy, knowing the dangers doesn't make a lot of difference if you're hooked. Knowing and doing are different things. Very sad.

  6. my favorite saying is "the filters will kill you" ...i used to smoke at the bar or with friends. i like unfiltered cigs or ones that are rolled with tobacco. of course, now i don't smoke at all but i don't have a problem with tobacco per se. it is like anything...if you use it in moderation it won't kill you any faster than living will kill you.

  7. M, I don't have a problem with *tobacco*. I do, however, have a problem with the *additives*. And I have to disagree with you on the moderation statement, because with those additives, yeah, it can kill you faster. I would say the same about many of the additives in food, beverages, etc. Even on my limited budget, I buy as much "organic" and "untreated" things as I can.

  8. I can't look at the lists. My parents both died as a result of those things and I still get almost hysterical when I have to look at stuff like that. Silly I know, it's been 2 and a half years for my mom and almost 3 and a half years for my dad. I'm still a wreck dammit. I hate cigarettes-the smell makes me want to puke and I have a hard time breathing when I'm around anyone smoking because then my anxiety kicks in and on and on it goes. Bad huh?

  9. Traci, I understand it. My reaction is different. I just get mad. Mad that my hub continued to smoke after he knew it was awful. Mad because of the stuff they put in cigs. Mad because people don't think it will even happen to them. Just mad. You cry, I rant. That's just how it is. :')

  10. Gah, thanks for the reminder. I did know all this but how quickly we tune it out. I'm really struggling with this. Somedays are great, some...shameful. You know how some people say they only smoke when they drink? Well, I swear, I only smoke when I'm single. So you hear that universe? Send me my Prince so I put down the cancer sticks!!


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