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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Quickie .... or is that Quiche?

I guess it depends whether your initials are GWB. Since mine aren't, then it was right the first time .... this is a QUICKIE!!

A very short post while I'm waiting for my house guests to wake up. The Boys woke on their usual schedule just before 7:00 and Max insisted he had to go out now!!! So I took them out and quietly returned to bed until the boys wake up. What? You didn't get that? The Boys were awake, and now I'm waiting for the boys to wake? No, that is correct. My house guests are "the boys." "The Boys" (with caps) are Max, Joey and Sam.

Speaking of The Boys ..... how cute is this????

The visitors are cousins from California. Since Allan and I both have limited sleeping accommodations, we have split the five between our homes. I suggested that Allan take the adults to his place, in case he is called and has to go to work today. They, our cousin W and her friend D, have a car and won't be stranded if so. I have the three teenagers, all boys, here. E is 17 and J & J are 14 year old twins.

Yesterday afternoon we met in Alamogordo. W, like my husband, is from there, and wanted to visit her parents' graves. I threw shovels and rakes in the truck and joined her there and together with her sons and her friend, we cleaned up the family plot where my late husband, his parents and grandparents, her parents (my hub's aunt and uncle) and several other relatives are buried. It is in the older part of the cemetery where "perpetual care" was not available, so in the desert climate need a lot of upkeep, weeding, etc.. We worked over an hour in the hot sun (it was almost 100 there! gah.) but were able to make it look much better.

Then we went to a favorite restaurant, met up with Allan and three more cousins and two spouses for dinner. The three local cousins and W haven't seen each other since shortly after W graduated from high school, over 25 years. It was a lot of fun having the whole group together, getting caught up (well, as much as you can at a table for 12!!).

After dinner we went outside and "lingered" as people always do. We visited for perhaps another 30 minutes before hopping into our cars.

As we stood talking, I took a picture of the casual chatter.

And suddenly, everyone "snapped to," and lined up like good little soldiers! How funny we are, humans!

Then D was kind enough to take one with me in it.

Moments after these pictures were taken, the sun began to set, and we had a gorgeous one! Rich, vivid colors!

This morning we're off to the Smokey Bear Museum and monument, then to Lincoln to learn about Billy the Kid and the Old West.

Till later!!


  1. Geez Louise what a beautiful sunset. Have a great time with the cousins!

  2. Looks like you are having a good time. I bet you are happy to have someone else besides the dogs to keep you busy.

  3. What a beautiful sunset. And I love your two Boys, the doggies. They're adorable.

  4. Sounds like ya'll are having a great time. Love the pics!!!

  5. Have fun with your company. I always like getting together with relatives I haven't seen in awhile. Catching up is so much fun.

    The sunset pictures are SSSOOOO pretty.

  6. How nice that you have family visiting. We always do the graveyard thing when we go to PA too.
    Darling pic of the boys!!!!!

  7. I have been keeping up with you. I love the pictures.

    I am having problems with my house in Missouri only not with the mortgage. It is lake front property that sits next to a resturant. We received a letter from the owners and they have retained an attorney for "swatters rights." Swatters rights - hmmmm. I know the law regarding squatter rights. We got a laugh out of that one until we received another letter regarding easement. They want the lake front and they found an attorney that can spell - makes me a little nervous. I don't think they have a leg to stand on but it is a pain in the arse. We had a privacy fence put up and now it is up to the attorneys.


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