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Friday, August 01, 2008

How To Make Two Days Fly

Have company!!!!

The cousins left today. I'm tired. Entertaining three teenagers full time and two adults part time has worn me out!! They were not a problem at all, it's just the issue of additional people, change in routine, and excitement. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world, and I loved, loved, loved having them here. It just is different and tiring.

Here they are! Jonathan (how about that expression?? LOL!), Darcy (holding Jonathan still for the picture! BTW, she's not really pulling his hair, LOL!), Lynn, Joshua, and Elijah. Lynn is the familial link. She is my cousin by marriage. Her father and my late husband's father were brothers. The three boys are hers, and Darcy is her friend who we really enjoyed being here!

We started yesterday at the Smokey Bear Museum. It was a little bit emotional for Lynn, because it was her father who was part of the crew that rescued the little Smokey back in 1950. The day before yesterday was important and emotional for her, because she was not able to attend the funerals of either of her parents when they passed away years ago. It was her first visit to the grave sites, and her opportunity for that release that is so important for most of us. So then the second encounter with old family memories yesterday was lighter, but still obviously affecting her. Even so, it was an interesting tour for us all.

This is an actual picture of the real Smokey. Is he precious, or what? He looks so scared. Poor little guy!

Outside the museum is a memorial at Smokey's burial site, and a beautiful garden that displays many of indiginous trees, flower, and grasses. We enjoyed this walk very much, and of course, I took lots of pictures. Here are a few, without their names, for the most part. I didn't take time to writing them down, and now I've lost the names.

This tree caught my eye with it's beautiful form.

A Yellow Mexican Hat. The Mexican Hats are some of my favorite wildflowers.

A wildflower medley.

Mexican Hats, red & yellow.

Giggle! We call this a "butt'shroom."

Graceful, elegant aspens.

Another aspen grove.

After the museum was completed, we drove to Lincoln to let the kids learn some history about Billy the Kid and of Lincoln County. It was interesting, but it was also hot, and it didn't take long to wear us out. While the rest of the group were going through one museum that I'd already seen, I sat outside where a cool breeze in the shade was a refreshing relief. I noticed that there were some beautiful flowers. Looking at it, I wasn't sure whether it was purple sage or lavender. Both are plentiful around here, but I"m not familiar with either. After looking both up, I'm pretty sure it is French lavender.

This first is not clear of the blossoms, but I though a pretty picture.

This is the one that makes me pretty sure it's lavender.

Back home, we came to my house where I grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. I also made homemade ice cream, but apparently our ratio of ice to salt was off and it never did set up properly, so we had milkshakes instead!!

This morning while the kids and I waited for Lynn to pick them up, Jonathan got bored. This is how bored he was......

Yep, he got all the way in!! And folks, that is a small carrier, for small dogs such as my <14 pound Shih Tzus!! My guys can stand up in it, but barely. They can stretch out on their tummies, but there's not much room left over. There is a WHOLE KID in there!!

And they are on their way to the rest of their vacation, seeing relatives in NM, CO, and WY. It was so good to see them, albeit for a short time. They've promised to come back when there will be time to sit and visit, in addition to making the rounds of some local points of interest, visit the cousins in Alamogordo, and who knows what else.

It was a good visit.

PS - Thank to everyone for their recent comments. I've read them, but I'm not going to reply, but just get a new start as of now, OK? I love ya .... I'm just lazy!!!


  1. I loved the group picture of your guests. Especially the smirk!

    That kid had to be a houdini to skwoosh himself into that little dog crate. LOL!!!

  2. Candid group pictures are great, they make for the best stories !

    You find beauty everywhere, Lynilu - what a pleasure it is to see them in all those pictures.

    Smokey is totally adorable.

    I can't believe that kid managed to fit himself into the crate - that's something I'd think only a 6month old could do !!!

  3. I can't believe he was able to get inside the kennel. How funny.

    So glad you had a good time. Those boys kept you busy didn't they?? :)

  4. WOW-that should be like America's funniest picture worthy! I can't believe he got in there.

  5. Daisy, that kiddo is a character! Good kid, just ornery! I couldn't believe it when he got his body into that carrier! I'd have sworn just his femurs were too long!

    Annie, I agree, but somehow, we all line up like that!

    Thank you, and glad you enjoy them. :)

    Don't you want to cuddle him?!

    Neither could I!!!

    Caroline, I wondered what possessed him to do that, but it was astounding that he accomplished it.

    They boys kept me busy and laughing most of the time. After spending so much of my life around kids (home and work) you'd think I wouldn't forget how funny they are, but I found several things that made me laugh at their antics and their thought patterns.

    Beans, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THAT WAS GOING ON?? Dang, I might have been rich by this time next year!! LOL!! I really do wish I had thought of the video on that!

  6. We could haved used one of those cages when our boys were little. Would have come in handy when they were acting up.

    So pictures of the fam!! Cousins yet. I would have loved to have gone through an old west museum. Some day we're going to hitch up the old wagon and head west.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I like how they are making children more compact and easy-to-store these days. The old ones were so clunky and took up a lot of space!!

  9. Dave, the only problem with your plan is that putting a child in it against his will would be different than a kid making himself an accordion in order to do so "because he can"!!!

    Well, if your wagon gets close to Lincoln County, keep in mind that I have RV hookups. Oh, wait, it is a modern wagon, isn't it? ;D

  10. Sandra, yes, isn't it handy?? ;D

  11. I'm agree with you. I love company but boy am I tired when they go.

  12. MJ, yes, I love having company, but it wears me out every time. I wouldn't every want for someone to NOT come!

  13. Smokey looks so darling but so pitiful!

    Oh dear you've just given me an idea for Madison when she's being bad!

  14. MQ, I know, I just want to cuddle him and make him "all better"!!

    Now if you do that with Madison, do I call CPS or ASPCA??? LOL!!


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