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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some New Art

I brought home a few more things from the Gallery. I'm hopeless when it comes to working where I really like the "stuff." I barely break even! But then, do I care? Nope!

My friend who has lost much of her vision asked me to take a few of her last items into the Gallery a couple weeks ago. Her house is just up the road from me, and since she can't drive these days, I didn't mind a bit. The trouble is I decided I wanted to buy two of the pieces before I even got them to the Gallery. She commented as we put the pieces in a box that these were the last two she made before she became sick. That made them even the more special.

You might remember that she is a wood turner, meaning that she makes things using such tools as a lathe to shape bowls, vases, etc. It is amazing to me that people can start with a rough chunk of wood and end up with something as beautiful and elegant as these.

This is one of the pieces. It is a very thin vase made of ambrosia maple.

From the side, you can see how thin it is.

This one is box elder. She told me the coral color is natural in the wood. It is actually two pieces crafted to fit perfectly together. She did not just cut one piece after finishing the shaping, but crafted each separately and carefully to fit together.

From the side you can see she placed coral beads to space the two pieces apart. I am crazy about this piece.

Do you see why I say it is sad for me to think that we will likely not see any more of her work? She is really very good.

This is a painting by one of my favorite painters in the Gallery. And a favorite person, too. As you know, I have a thing for butterflies, so you know what appealed to me, don't you?

My living room is eclectic. It is mostly Southwest and Native American, but I mix it up with whatever I like. This is clearly not in either category, but I've been looking at this for some time and drooling, so I finally bought it.

I think it looks pretty good in my eclectic corner, don't you?

Smile, everyone!! It's a lovely day!


  1. You have a "thing" for butterflies? How cool is that? I'm a buttrrflyy!

  2. I LOVE those vases! It is a tragedy that she can no longer do her work.

    And I love butterflies too. I like that painting.

  3. Beautiful things and I love an eclectic mix. So interesting! How special you have some of your dear friends pieces.

  4. uhmmm, PROOF READ, LYN, PROOF READ!!!

    OK, let's try this again ....

    Pepper, thanks, so do I. That artist does some huge paintings that are just wonderful. I have neither room for nor money for those!! So when I saw this one, WITH a butterfly, I knew it had to be one he created just for me!!

    Traci, you? You?? You're a buttrrflyy???? Who knew?? LOL!

  5. Daisy, I agree. Her work is just elegant, and it will be missed.

    Flutter-bys are neat, aren't they?

    Patti, thank you. Yes, I'm glad I was able to get those. Very special.

  6. Love the new art.

    You are are going to need a second job to support your first job. :)

  7. Caroline, that is so true it isn't really funny!! But I like it, too!

  8. It does work perfectly, and I love that two piece bowl. Gorgeous!

  9. Not bowl, lol, vase, vase!!

  10. Kathi, you're technically correct either way! She explained to me that she made "2 bowls" then worked on them to make them match perfectly to form "a vase."

  11. Don't worry, Lynilu- your friend may not be finished with her artwork. Beethoven composed his Symphony No. 9 after he had gone completely deaf.

    Thank you for making my day with your beautiful art photos!


  12. We used to have a box elder tree that nearly took out or kitchen.The vase in the first pic looks so cool it almost looks like its hanging on the wall,beautiful pieces.

  13. Betty, I know that. She and I have talked about it. She isn't ready to start something new yet, with the medical still looming. I hope she will find something that will suit her talents.

    You're welcome!!!!

    Redfrog, I didn't notice that! Cool!! Thanks for pointing it out!

  14. It all looks nice. Our living room is eclectic, with a neo-modern tourist decor.

    My sister collects pottery with a western look to it. It's a certain type but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is. Don't think it's bemidji.

  15. Dave, it just dawned on me that I'm not rich enough to afford anything but eclectic!! LOL!!! I guess it is a good thing that I like it!!


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