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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dogs. What Else?

My newest baby, Joey, is a daddy! Here is one of the little cuties, born last Thursady. I got this picture from the woman who runs the rescue shelter. The woman put "Little Momma" to bed on Thursday night and in the morning, there were four little black puppies, three girls and one boy!!

Joey, of course, has no idea he is a daddy, and since the babies will be adopted out, I won't tell him, so shhhhhh. Don't give it away! We'll let Little Momma 'splain that to him! I have a feeling that he will be glad just to have her at his side again in August.

On the home front, I'm now using the dragging-leash technique to help Sam get used to the leash. I expected it to be a rather slow go, but it is unbelievable!! When I put the leash on him and walk away, he just sits. And sits. And sits. And sits. And sits.

The idea is for him to get used to feeling the leash without being tugged, and after I walk away, hopefully to eventually come to me. But he just sits. And sits. And sits.

As you see here, he is being held captive by a squeaky toy, dropped there by one of the other dogs!! He has been sitting there for over 30 minutes, and those front legs are beginning to get tired and slide away from him a bit! But that little stiff neck hasn't relaxed yet!

In case you might think I'm holding the leash......

Max is resting in the background, and Joey in the foreground close to where my feet we just before I stood to take the photo.

"Hellllllllp me, helllllllp me!!!"

I'm still struggling to get Sam to take treats from my hand. There isn't any treat good enough to entice him to do that. However, if I can put one in front of him and keep the other dogs away from it long enough, he will nibble a bite or two. So I try to always provide him with the goodies in hopes that he will eventually learn to take them from me. That will help with training him on other obedience things.

So last night I gave Sam three little bites of a treat on the bed. He just ignored them. Or rather, he pretended to ignore them, casting sneak glances at them but not touching them. Then Max discovered that Sam still had some goodies! He began inching across the bed toward them. Once he got close, he started making the funniest little yips I've ever heard. Before I could get the camera, he had stopped the yipping, and the two boys were having an argument about the ownership of the tidbits!

A couple of short videos of the, uh, discussion about the importance of eating treats when they are served. It's a bit shadowy, but I didn't want to turn on a light and spoil the flow of the debate!

My life is SO much fun!!!


  1. Gee Lynilu...what the hell are you doing to that dog??? :) I love the pictures of Sam. It's probably good that I am not there in person because I would be laughing so hard.

    I love the videos!! I love how in the first one China is just sitting there looking at what is going on.

  2. Oops...I forgot to say congrats to the Daddy. Those babies are soo cute. How much does everyone want to bet that when Lynilu brings Mama home she will also take one of the babies.

  3. I'm with Caroline-may be two dogs in Lynilu's future. I'm rather jealous of the puppy fun you are having. Makes me want a puppy...oh no, Sadie heard that.

  4. Caroline, I tell you, even if I didn't love Sam, I'd keep him for the laughs brought on by his quirky personality!! He is hilarious at times!

    I was cracking up over the goofy behavior of Max over the treats! OK, I've got two silly and entertaining dogs!

    As to bringing a baby back .... In some ways, I would love to bring one of the girls. But the woman at the shelter said she has a list of about 250 (perhaps a humorous exaggeration, but I'm sure she has a lot ahead of me) wanting puppies. It's actually too bad that a lot of those people wouldn't consider an adult dog like my boys. They are so charming, and I love how they appreciate being here! I'll find another girl to balance things out at a later date. :)

    MJ, see above. I adore puppies, and it would be fun to have one here, but clearly this isn't the time for me. *YOU*, on the other hand, have room for a puppy at your house!!! LOL!! Don't tell Sadie .... or Cowboy .... that I said that!!

  5. Sam may need the most work but I am sure he will be well worth it.

    Congrats to Joey and i'm keeping the info on the DQ. I can smell the puppy breath from here mmmm...

  6. MQ, oh, yeah, Sam is *already* worth it! He's such a sweetie!

    I LOVE puppy breath!! I've heard lots of people say they hate it, but I think it is sweet!!

  7. Fat little puppy bellies, gah!!!!!

    I hope Sam relaxes soon, he does look a little tense there! He is definitely worth the extra effort though, he's adorable.

  8. I am one of those that does not like puppy breathe. Call me weird....

  9. Sandra, :D

    Sam will be alright, but the process is entertaining for me!!

    Caroline, OK. You're weird!!! LOL!!

  10. Oh that poor little fellow! I enjoyed this post a lot.

  11. Linda, I'm glad you stopped by and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


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