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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'M BACK!!!!!!

Do you know how hard it is for me to live without DSL????? Even more than the phone! I've admitted it before, and I'll do it again .....

Hello. My name is Lynilu, and I'm an internet addict.

Whew. OK, I feel better now.

I'll be back later with a regular post, but I have some things to do first. I want to get to your comments during my absence. And I was in the middle of a couple household chores when the phone was back, so I should finish those up.

I want to say something about the ginger tidbit in Tuesday's trivia. It really works for motion sickness. One of the nice-ities on cruises, at least with Holland America, my favorite cruise line, is that they offer ginger after dinner, and it is available other times if you request it. They serve it as little chunks of the pulp in a syrupy sauce, and a little piece just 1/2 square does wonders. At home, I keep the kind you can get a grocery or food speciality stores. It is dried and dipped in a coarse sugar. When my tum is upset, nibbling on a piece or two of that really, really calms the uneasiness. I've hears that ginger tea is good in this way, too. I haven't tried it. It would be fine to have tea if you're stationery, at home or whatever. But if you're traveling, that would be very inconvenient, so I'd suggest the candied ginger. A bonus is that it actually tastes good!!

And on text messaging .... if you're on Verizon, you can text the heck outta me! I'm IN with Verizon, so it is a freeby, and I upped my minutes, anyway. So far everyone I txt msg with is on V, but I figure I've opened a can of worms, I might as well be prepared!! LOL! My second precious granddaughter, Aleksis, got a cell phone for her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEXIE!!!! If I'm gonna maintain my slammin' grammy reputation, I gotta be ready!!

OK, I'll be back a little later. Do you feel better? I do!!


  1. I can relate! I'm already a bit concerned about being without internet for TWO WEEKS while I'm on vacation. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME??

  2. Jen, LOL!! Wrong?? You sound perfectly normal to me!! Why do you think I have a laptop that goes with me on vacation??? :D

  3. Yay you are back. It was pretty quiet without you around here. And don't feel too bad about being addicted to the internet. All of here are also addicted, so you fit in just fine!!!

  4. I am also an Internet addict!!!!

  5. Man says I am an addict as well. So I am in good company! ;-)

  6. Caroline, are you saying that I'm noisy?? LOL!! And I think that of all the addictions I'm aware of, this one is probably the best one to have. Well, as long as I'm not the spouse who hates the Big I!!!

    Welcome, Cheryl, and congratulations for owning your problem! LOL!!

    Daisy, we are one great big, happy and wonderful group,aren't we?? :D

  7. Shhh, but I just ordered a new laptop for my birthday. It's RED! No one here knows yet but I've looked at them for so long and decided to finally just go for it. I'm Traci and I, too, am an internet addict.

  8. Traci, oh, you're gonna love it!! Don't forget a wireless router. One of my favorite things is to sit on the deck or in bed or anywhere I choose, to blog!! Happy surfing on the new RED board!!! And is Happy Birthday in order now? or when??

    Oh, and welcome to our IA on-line meeting!! ;D

  9. Oh it's hard for me to be without internet too but I won't admit it to Stacy for all the tea in China.

    Lynilu you are DEFINITELY a slammin' Granny!

  10. Patti, If you're really, really nice to me I won't tell Stacy!! LOL!!

    Thank you, honey!!


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