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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday Trivia

It's time for it!!!! Today, it's all ............


  • Ginger has been clinically demonstrated to work twice as well as Dramamine for fighting motion sickness, with no side effects.
  • Even if the average American eats 20 percent less meat in 2050 than in 2000, total meat consumption in the U.S. will be roughly 5 million tons greater in 2050 due to population growth alone.
  • In a typical restaurant, customers get 27 cents worth of food for each dollar they spend.
  • Wintergreen LifeSavers give off sparks when chewed in the dark because of a chemical process called triboluminescence.
  • Robert O. Welch, the inventor of Sugar Daddy, is also the founder of the John Birch Society.
  • The heavy tea tax imposed on the colonies in 1773, which caused the "Boston Tea Party," resulted in America switching from tea to coffee. Drinking coffee was an expression of freedom.
  • The pleasant feeling of eating chocolate is caused by a chemical called anadamide, a neurotransmitter which also is produced naturally in the brain.
  • The FDA has concluded that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh and may even retain their nutritional value longer.
and a sobering thought about it .....
  • The world's population grows by some 100 million each year. Some 950 million people in the world are malnourished.

MILKSHAKES (its own category!!!):

  • The first written reference to a milkshake was in a British newspaper in 1885. The recipe included a shot of whiskey.
  • Before he went in business with the McDonald's brothers, Ray Kroc sold machines that could make six milkshakes at one time. The brothers bought eight of them,which sparked Kroc's interest in their burger business.
  • According to The Guinness Book of World Records, in 2000 Ira Freehof, owner of Comfort Diners, made the world’s largest milkshake. At 6,000 gallons it was the equivalent of 50,000 normal-sized shakes.
  • Malt, the key ingredient in a malted milkshake, is a substance made from sprouting grain. It is a good course of carbohydrates and protein. Malt is also used in brewing beer and in yeast.
  • According to the USDA, a standard 100g milkshake contains 3-9g of fat, 18-27g of carbohydrates, and 3.5g of protein.
  • Australians can still buy traditional milkshakes in “milk bars,” which are much like old-fashioned drugstores with counter service. They’re usually served still in the steel cup, but may be poured into a paper cup for carry out orders.

All together now ..... I didn't know that!!!


  1. There's a restaurant in Little Rock called "The Purple Cow". They have specialty milkshakes, including my favorite, the most delicious chocolate amaretto!

  2. Thank you for the information about ginger, Lynilu. My Mom and I are going on a cruise next August and I'll eat some to keep me from getting seasick !

    Weird about the Sugar Daddy candy and the John Birch guy being one and the same...

    I iwsh I could implant that chocolate neurotransmitter in a guy's head when I liked him - and just keeping upping the dosage :)

  3. Actuallly Chik Fil A has some darn good milkshakes.
    I have to be careful with ice cream/dairy sometimes i'm ok with it - sometimes not so I usually try to avoid cos' the "not" is rather ugly!

    I'll really have to remember the "ginger" trivia!

  4. OH*WOW!!! A milkshake with a shot of whiskey!!!

  5. Hi, Lynilu. I've been a bit of a lurker around your blog, and I thought it was time to say "Hello."

    I love your trivia, and today it came in quite handy for me. You see my daughter suffers from car sickness and we will be going on a trip in 4 days and she hates taking dramamine because it makes her feel horrible. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely try some ginger!

  6. Jenster, oh, that sounds yummy! I have a cousin who lives near Little Rock, so I'll remember that when I go to visit her.

    Annie, check the note on my newest post about the ginger. I used to love Sugar Daddy's when I was a kid, but it surely is a turn off now. And I like your chocolate/romance idea!!! I could use some help!! LOL!

    MQ, I have never eaten at Chik Fil A. Next time I see one, I will. I know what you mean about the milk thing. My sis is lactose intolerant and it can get icky. You need to check my ginger note in the newer blog, too.

    Daisy, I'm not a whiskey drinker, but I can totally imagine a shot of rum!! :D

    Well, HI, Michelle!! Glad you surfaced and welcome!

    See my newest post about the ginger. It really does work, and I agree with your daughter about Dramamine. I've used it or a prescription similar to it, but I get so drowsy that I don't enjoy the events. Ginger works great for me! Good luck with her on it, too!


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