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Friday, July 18, 2008

Think It'll Rain?

Yep, it did!

That last one was a wall of rain that hit where I was about 7-8 minutes later.


  1. OH, I love those pictures. I love the few minutes before a storm starts.

  2. Caroline, the picture doesn't do it justice. That wall was awesome!!

  3. Very nice photos. I must get me a digital camera. My rain pictures wouldn't look the same. There are few places you can go in Michigan and see free and empty land so far into the distance.

    It is raining now here. Just a light, patient, steady drizzle.

  4. Oh MY!!! After the skies looking like that, it BETTER have rained. Cheeze WHIZ!!!

    I've missed you...but of course that's my fault. I've been a slacker in the blog reading dept. I'd forgotten how much attention Jayla requires of me. Hopefully things will get back to normal when school starts back (sniff, sniff).

    Take care, my friend.

  5. Uh yeah!!! LOL I wish we'd get another good thunder boomer. There is a Tropical Storm off the coast of Charleston so I might get some good wind soon anyway.

  6. Dave, I've always enjoyed photography, but didn't really study it, so my shots were "by guess and by gosh"!. Having the digital is wonderful because I can see immediately whether I need to retake, refocus, recenter. I love it!

    It seems there has been rain everywhere lately. My daughter in FL has had rain, there has been rain in many desert areas, etc. It is indeed, monsoon season!

    Dawn, It was actually a short lived storm, but heavy while that cell passed through.

    I know you wouldn't change anything about being with Jayla! I miss you here, but I would do the same thing .... children must come first. :)

    MQ, wasn't that some-kinda cloud?? It was amazing. I hope you get your "storm fix"!!! I know you love 'em!

  7. That is some serious rain! WOWzers!

  8. Melissa, yep! Exciting, too!

  9. LOVE your rain pics. I've been away from blogging for awhile and missed these kinds of posts.

  10. Catherine, And you've been missed, too, :) Thanks!


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