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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whacha Doin' This Weekend?

I'm doin' .... stuff!! LOL!!

I noticed a good sign of progress with the boys. When I feed them, there is no longer snarling or gulping when they are fed. It used to be that Joey often did a low growl , almost under his breath, and Max gobbled as if it would disappear. Sometimes there wasn't anything left for Sam who was more timid about it, so I had to fix another bowl for him to eat later on. Now, the last few days, I've noticed that they are eating more slowly, often taking an hour or so to eat what used to be gone in five minutes. And Sam is getting in there and eating at the same time as the other boys. If nothing else, they know they will have plenty to eat, and they don't have to store up for tomorrow. That is significant to me!

Yesterday I needed to go to Carrizozo to work with the website developer, so I went early and had lunch with Gail. I noticed that a business across the street from the restaurant was open, a place that I'd tried to visit several times but always found them closed. It is a place that sells imports from the Asia and Central and South America. I found a throw from Thailand for the futon in shades of burgundy, a muted orange and several shades in between. It is really pretty! I'll do pictures later, because I have some other things I need to do before I photograph the room. I'm going on a little road trip with Linda to Roswell on Monday, and I'm hoping to pick up some picture frames for some prints that I bought over two years ago. I need to paint the walls, but I probably won't do that until the weather is a little cooler so I can leave the windows open without sweltering while I paint.

While I was in the store I bought some other goodies. I bought a chair swing, you know, the hammock type, and a hammock, double-wide made of cotton, loose woven so that it looks almost crocheted. It is beautiful, almost a work of art. I forgot to ask where they were made, but he mentioned South America when I was first looking at them, so I suppose that is close enough! I bought hardware today to hang them, but changed my mind about how I want to do it, so I have to go back and get a couple different things. I'll probably get those on Monday, also. Pictures will follow on that, too.

I picked out a couple little trinkets which he threw in as a bonus, and those I can photograph! These pretty little butterflies came from Guatemala.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to so some more yard work. I'd like to finish cutting the thistles
so I can spray them. I really hate to use a spray, but they are so prolific and hearty that it is the only way to actually get rid of them. And the spray is supposed to be "leach-proof." I surely hope so. I will fight the scrub oak one plant at a time, even though it is tough. But the thistles .... I need help.

I also need to work very hard on getting rocks out of the way in the back yard so I can plant grass. I have a number of bags of peat moss and top soil to put down, but I want to be rid of most of the little rocks that will potentially be a problem over time first. I planted a small space, about 15 X 15, a couple weeks ago, and it is going gang-busters, so I figure I should do the rest while the monsoons are still around.

I guarantee I will be one weary girl woman tomorrow night!

Hasta maƱana, baybees!!


  1. You are such a busy woman! Busy is good though

    Great progress with the boys! They are SO lucky to have you.

    I have one of those hammock chairs. I love it~

  2. I know I have said this before, but you are the busiest retired person I know. Do you ever just take a day to be lazy? I guess now that you have "toddlers" in your home you can't really rest.

    So, tell us the truth...are you and Linda going to look at another puppy? :]

  3. MQ, I get a shot of rejuvenation every time one of them makes a bit of progress. It helps me feel that I've done the right thing!

    I sat in the hammock chair a few minutes, and it felt sooo good! I can't wait to get it fixed the way I want!

    Caroline, oh, yes, there are lazy days! But they are lazy days with "toddler times"!! LOL!

    No, Linda and I are going to PetSmart for supplies, Hobby Lobby because we want to and for picture frames, to Home Depot for my hammock stuff, out for lunch, and home! I promise!!

  4. Great progress with the dogs Bufford still guards toys and rawhides especially from the cats crazy dog. I love the butterflies.

  5. Redfrog, thanks, let's hope it keeps up! Aren't the flutter-bys cute?

  6. Great progress with the boys. WOO-HOO!!!!

    Can't wait to see the pictures of your new stuff!!!

    Have a good Sunday.

  7. Daisy, we're getting there, we're getting there!!

    I'll do the pix soon!


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