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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Work Day

I said I would be. And I am.


I didn't get the thistles cut and sprayed, but I did
  • rake up loose rocks, about four gallons of them
  • dug up about 20 rocks roughly the size of 1/2 my head to my head that were sticking up too far to ignore
  • spread grass seed
  • spread six bags of peat moss on top of the seed
  • built a retainer step under the gate after leveling the ground
  • raised the gate
  • realigned the posts on each side of the gate

Then I went under the house to get some tools, and I heard the air conditioning water dripping. There is a mickey mouse system of draining the water from the A/C. A hose hangs over a huge plastic trash bin which catches the drips from the condenser. Well, it you don't watch it, this fills up and begins to run over the top. That is what I had today. So
  • I got some buckets and began dipping the water out, using the water to water my outside plants and my house plants
  • found an old hose and connected it to the one that hangs over the bin
  • ran the hose outside after drilling a hole and shoving it through
  • when I was sure it wasn't leaking, I moved the trash bin outside, made a hole in the lid, and ran the hose into it to collect water for watering plants
Then while I was watering the plants on the deck, I realized that there were some things that needed done there, so
  • I swept the deck, cleaning it up from the mess the dogs made, tearing up a woven straw fan and strewing it all over the place
  • moved several pieces of furniture
  • organized some things and made a pile to go to the thrift shop
Finally, I came inside about 3:30, walked straight to the shower, and now I'm having a snack to restore my energy. I'll live, but I'm freakin' tired! I'm glad tomorrow the hardest thing on my agenda is driving, talking, and shopping!

Now I hope it rains so I don't have to go back out and set up the sprinkler.


  1. You did the work of a half-dozen strong young men today, Lynilu !!!
    No wonder you are tired. It was AMAZING that you got so much accomplished ! I'm gonna start calling you 'whirlwind' Lynilu :)

  2. Annie, I find it amazing what we can do when we set our minds to it. And I've been called worse, so I can live with "whirlwind"!!

  3. Gee, it seems like someone has ADD. :)

  4. Didn't you forget the H in that???? LOL!!

  5. Wow woman! That is a ton of work you did. I'm in awe.

    Get some rest - you more than deserve it.

  6. I made the mistake of reading this before getting ready for work. Now, I believe I may be too tired to go.

    I'm blown away you're that mechanically inclined. I practically have to hire a professional to change a light bulb. ;)

  7. I didn't even do laundry this week-end .... don't hate! LOL

  8. Casey, I actually feel much better today (Monday) than I expected to. Interesting how the body can bounce back!

    Kathi, just remember .... necessity is the mother of invention! When push comes to shove it is amazing what we can do when we have to!

    MQ, pppphhhhhtttttzzzz! ;D

    Daisy, rrrrroooooooarrrrr!!


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