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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Crazy Days and a Loooooong Trip

I made it to Broken Arrow. Gawd, what a long day! I'm so tired I can't pucker enough to spit, but I'm also keyed up and not ready to sleep. Sooo .... a post!

The last couple days have been crazy-making. It seems like everything attempted took me two or three or four times as long as it should. And when you're trying to get ready for a trip, that is disastrous. I didn't get on the road till two hours later than I planned, not good when there is a nearly eleven hour trip ahead!

I hated leaving the kids behind. My house/dog sitter is wonderful with them, but I just wanted to have them along. China and Ali knew I was leaving and they tried and tried to follow me out the door, making me feel so sad! And Max looked at me with big sad eyes with huge question marks in them. I was OK when I got a few miles down the road, but that driving off with little Sammy looking over the ends of the deck at me was heart-wrenching! I wonder if they wondered why Joey was going with me and not them.

My trip was uneventful. The normal, irritating construction here and there, but otherwise, all was fine. Joey traveled well, but the last three or four hours he was restless. I'm sure he was a tired of being cooped up as I was. I got to the rescue shelter pretty late (about 9:00), and Kim, the lady who runs it was already in bed. Her son and DIL came out to greet us with my little girl in their arms! She is a cutie!! She is petite and very friendly. Joey seemed overwhelmed and nervous. I'm not surprised. He may have been wondering why I was giving him away. The young couple greeted him and gave him hugs, and commented that he has put on muscle since he left there. Yeah! All that running and wrestling with his bros has helped him develop muscles! Since it was already dark I didn't try to take pictures of them. I'll have them ready for you on Monday night or Tuesday morning. I again hated leaving my baby behind. He looked scared, and I felt sad about it. I just don't feel right without my kids with me.

Not long before we got to Oklahoma City, the moon rose. I couldn't reach the camera and couldn't pull over because of construction, so you'll have to live with a word description. It was straight ahead of me most of the time, so I could watch the color show easily. At first it was a pale, translucent appearing pink, low on the Eastern horizon and huge. As it rose a little higher, it deepened to a warm, slightly dusty rose color! Wow, was it beautiful! Rising a little more, it began to be a coral color, neither orange nor pink, and it seemed to really glow. Finally, it began to turn to a pretty gold color before fading to a "normal moon color," the whitish color we are used to seeing. It was absolutely beautiful. BTW, the colors in the west where the sun was setting, we not spectacular at all!

OK, I'm wound-down now! I'm gonna get some sleep. I'll be back as soon as I have time!


  1. Glad you made it there safely. I can't believe you did that whole drive in one day. I bet you are pretty tired. Did you have much trouble finding the rescue? I can't imagine trying to find it in the dark; it was hard enough during the day.

    Isn't the girl precious!! I feel like I have a special bond with Joey and his girl; especially since I held her and the felt the puppies moving.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Have a great time at the reception.

  2. Enjoy your time away--the kids will be so glad to see you when you get home.

  3. Glad you made it safely hon!
    Those little faces lord they can tug at your heartstrings can't they? I know JUST how you feel!

  4. I remember my mother-in-law's dog used to go to his car carrier and get inside when he knew we were all going for a ride. That's after my MIL died and we were taking care of her dog. Poor dog missed his old master. He didn't live much longer.

  5. We actually used to go through Broken Arrow on trips when I was a child to Texas. I haven't thought of that town in ages, but it was nice to remember it. (I think there is also a town called Broken Bow? or maybe I'm just imagining it?)

    Glad your trip went well!

  6. Girl, there with you on the exhausted but can't sleep. I've tried to blog during those times lately, but end up blank...

  7. i am so out of the loop here!!!
    did you give one of the dogs away?
    oh please fill me in.
    obviously, i've missed something somewhere.
    (imagine that!)

  8. Caroline, I will definitely not plan to do that much again in one day. But It is over, thank goodness.

    No, I drove right to the shelter. Her directions were perfect.

    The babies have all been placed! The last one is going home on Thursday. To Arizona!!

    MJ, they were very happy to have us hope tonight! Isn't unconditional love amazing? I wish as humans we could be that way.

    Annie, thank you. I did, but I really will sleep well tonight in my OWN bed!!

    MQ, geez, yes, their faces sometimes speak volumes! Or maybe I (and you) just have a vivid imagination! I really did miss them, and I'm glad to be home with all of them again.

    Dave, we had an "inherited" dog, too. When they are up there in age, they often don't live much after their "real" family is gone.

    Cheryl, Broken Arrow is a large and beautiful suburb nowadays. (I still wouldn't want to live in OK!) Yes, there is a Broken Bow, but I'm not sure where it is. And I'm too lazy to look it up right now!!

    Kathi, girl, you've been doing that for a while now! You'd better have it checked out. Not good for you to miss sleep like that. :)

    Cameo, oh, gosh, no!! I just dropped Joey off for the weekend at the rescue shelter where I got him. I went to a wedding, then returned to pick him up, as well as the little lady dog that he was with. No, I didn't give one away .... I brought another home!!! (see my new post)


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