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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Guests

I have house guests for a couple days. My Bro and SIL from Denver came down for just a quick visit. I was a little surprised because my bro doesn't travel much these days. He has Parkinson's and it is obvious that travel is hard for him. But he said he really wanted to see me, and I'm glad. He looks pretty good, all things considered. I hate to see how this blasted disease has robbed him of so many things, but his attitude and love of life remains in tact. I miss the ornery twinkle in his eyes. I've given them my room and bed. It will be easier for him to get around in there.

I'm sleeping on the futon in the guest room. So far, not bad. Tomorrow I will be able to tell how good/bad it really is! The dogs are confused as hell! It took me over 15 minutes to herd them all into the guest room. I'd get three in and when I came back with two more, one or two of the originals would slip out and run to our bedroom! Finally, I got it through to them, and now they are all crashed on the bed with me.

Friday will be my packing and preparation day. I have to have the oil changed in the car, clean and organized it, and pack for myself and Joey. I don't think there will be a problem with it, but I'm running close on time with visitors and trip preparation. I noticed that gas prices went down again today. Only a couple cents, but still .... Naturally I filled up yesterday! I wouldn't have saved much, but it is the principle of it all. I hate this economy, thanks for nuttin' Mr. B.

I had something else I wanted to write bout, but I'm completely blank. I'm tired, so I guess I should just forget it and get some rest, right? OK ..... forgotten! Night!!


  1. We are so ready for gas prices to drop also with Mike driving 24 miles one way to work it was getting a tad expensive. The new car seems to be helping last week we ended up with a half a tank left. Which means instead of 40 dollars it was 20. YYaaaaaay. For being kind of in a city but not really we have a lot of wildlife also. We have deer but there is a apple orchird across the street.

  2. So glad you get to visit with your Bro and SIL. Family means so much.
    Your dogs crack me up, you need a hidden camera at your house!

  3. Enjoy your company! And your trip!

  4. You and the doggies sleep good, enjoy the rest of the visit with your bother and SIL, and have a safe trip, Lynilu !

  5. Hope you have a great visit.

  6. I hope you and your family have a good visit (-:

  7. Redfrog, I'm so glad I don't have to drive to work!

    Your Majesty, I'm enjoying the visit a lot. Ohhh, wouldn't a hidden camera be cool?? Oh, wait ... that would catch *MY* antics, too. NOPE!!!

    Jen, I will and I will, thanks!

    Annie, we slept really well last night, in spite of the rearrangements in schedule and sleeping. All else will be fun, and thanks!

    Daisy, we are, for sure! Thanks you.

    M(ary), yes, we are, thanks!

  8. started it with a political comment! I think that should be thanks for nuttin Mrs. P.
    Your Republican friend

  9. How great that you get to visit with your brother, Lyn. I've recently connected with my sisters on a visit to San Diego, so I know how precious sibling time is. Here's hoping you have create some lasting memories in your time together.

    Anonymous: Mrs. P?? I don't get it.

  10. Have fun with your company and have a safe trip.


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