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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Livin' in the Woods

I looked out and saw one of the baby bucks out back, grazing peacefully. I didn't want to disturb him, so I quietly opened the back door, slid the camera out and caught a couple good ones.

Look at those cute little fuzzy antlers!

He had seen me by this time, and was essentially nonplussed, although I could tell he was watching me out of the corner of his eye.

Good shot of the antler. So tiny!

He moved a few feet away, still grazing. Just about this time, The Boys would be held back no longer. They went out, and while they couldn't see him, they apparently smelled him, and they ran and sniffed, ran and sniffed along the fence row. He seemed curiously amused at them as he watched from behind the cover of leaves.

I went out front on the deck and looked. Sure enough, I could see him from there, just barely.

Little Buck watched The Boys' every move. Well, in between bites, he did!

But he was watchful of me, as well. Just making sure!!

A few minutes later, he was gone. I love the nearness of the wildlife here. Well, most of it! I haven't encountered any of the negatives ones. I smell skunks occasionally, and we see signs of coyotes and I'd guess there are other critters, but nothing had to worry about. It is really cool to live where I do!!


  1. awesome---cowboy would love this.

  2. Very cool. Yes you are very lucky where you live. The wooded area right in front of my apartment is so thick now that I can't see anything, but I did see a glimpse of a deer the other day. I can't wait until fall/winter when I can see more and will be able to see the deer better.

    A note to MJ.....if you ever take Cowboy to the area that Lynilu lives you may never get him to come back to Kansas.

  3. P.S. I tagged you on my blog

  4. MJ, I'm biased, I realize, but I don't know how anyone wouldn't love this area. :)

    Caroline, there you are with another reason to love fall & winter!! Cool to live where the wildlife is, isn't it?

    You tagged me? You TAGGED me? YOU tagged me? You tagged ME??? You know better! ;D OK, I'll go look.

  5. Did you take those photos? they are really beautifull!

  6. I always get excited when I see deer. Always!

  7. Sirsia, yes, I did. Thank you!

    MQ, me, too! We're easy to please, you and me!!

  8. Deer... aren't they so precious to watch? And I'm really wierd in that I LOVE the smell of skunk. Well... so long as it's not directly on my skin or clothes.


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