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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dog Fight, Dog Fight!!!

I love the sounds and sights of dogs play-fighting. The roll their lips back to bare their teeth in expressions that could be very frightening in different circumstances. And they snarl and growl, punctuated with an occasional yip of fun or "Ouch! Hey, don't do that!" Once in a while, the snarling and barking become rather serious and the "stand off" takes place as the offended and the offender decide who was right.

A few minutes ago I was watching Jazi as she "pinned" Max in best sumo wrestler style. Both dogs were fully fanged and making enough noise to make one think that death was a certainty for one of them. But as I watched, Max was rolling around on his back, much like a big brother humoring his kid sister by feigning helplessness, while the little girl stood over him as if in victory!! OMG, what a trip these guys are! To make it even funnier, Sam and Joey were sitting on their haunches, just inches away, watching this charade with intense interest. I could almost hear them saying, "Is this for real?"

"I donno, I can't tell."

"Should we do something?"

"Nah, this just pays him back for all the times he jumped one of us!"

No, I haven't lost my mind! I simply love the fun my funny four-leggers bring to my life! If a dog brings happiness into one's life, I'm really blessed because I have six times happiness at my house!


  1. Yeah, that's a lot of happiness. One dog's plenty for us and sometimes even he can be too much. They're not as much fun when they get old.

  2. Sookie's best friend comes over almost every day, sometimes twice in a day, and they're so much fun to watch!

  3. What a hoot they dogs must be...

  4. Dave, it is hard to lose that playfulness as they age. I'm thoroughly enjoying these guys!

    Daisy, indeed!!!

    Jen, I haven't seen pictures of Sookie lately. How cool that her friend comes to visit!

    MJ, oh, they are! You'll have to come visit sometime! C'mon!! Of course, poor Sadie would be traumatized by them! She was reluctant with just the old folks, China and Ali, who were fairly quiet and stationary!

  5. I think if we put your dogs with my dogs, we could have a damn funny prime time show!!

    these guys know now that if they make a single noise we will be out there trying to figure out what's going on. for such little things they sure can sound big and LOUD!

  6. Beans, OMG, that would be a hilarious melee!! Sometimes little dogs intimidate big ones, because they don't know what to do with such small critters!

  7. You sure do, I was cuddling my little guy last night, er this morning I should say when I was still feeling bad. He's so empathetic. We're so lucky to have such good dogs.


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