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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Since You Asked ....

OK, OK. Here it is ........

The introduction went quite well. We had a great lunch, more like a dinner, at a quiet, out of the way place. The food was excellent. We both chose fish, a haddock grilled over cantaloupe to keep it moist and served with a medley of grilled veggies, squash, onions, etc. But additionally there was (1) a cold soup with a name that I'd never heard. It reminded me of gazpacho, but not like any I'd tasted before. It was a tomato base with squash, avocado and shrimp, among the many other things, (2) fresh baked sourdough rolls that were scrumptious with homemade jams, (3) a salad with a lot of goodies, pine nuts (PiƱons), cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., and (4) a plate of homemade cottage cheese with fresh berries. There was a variety of drinks available, and I had a green tea with melon. Delicious! I love that they have not sweetened the teas, as I do NOT like sweetened tea, but I love the flavors.

We lingered over lunch, continuing to pick at it long after we were full because it was so very good. It was nice that they didn't care if you are there for thirty minutes or two hours. There weren't too many diners, so I wasn't worried about rushing through. Even if they had needed the table, there was a beautiful patio where people can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or whatever after the meal.

While we ate and visited, we watched the sheep for which the place is named, Laughing Sheep Farm. In addition to them we could see geese and ducks in the pond and near it, and we watched the herding dogs, some five or six of them, taking a break during the heat of the day. It really wasn't hot, but they napped, nonetheless. One of the smaller ones, a border collie, found his way inside and curled up under our table while we ate. There were also some small burros cavorting around in a field, just past the beautiful flower gardens which abounded on the property. What an amazing setting!

So .... an abundance of good food, a pastoral setting, ...... what? Oh, you want to hear about something else? What do you want to hear about? Ohhhhhh. THAT!!!! Alright, alright! Goodness, are all of you voyeurs, or what??

Well, sparks didn't fly nor did the heavens open up to angels singing. The Guy is a very average Joe. And I like him! He was very easy to talk with, a good conversationalist. He is a genuinely nice person, warm and down to earth. His friend described him to me as "genuine and honorable," and that seems to be right spot on. He does not seem to be a complicated person, and the simplicity of his presence is something I really like.

We talked about our families, including our late spouses. I wouldn't ever avoid that, because they are and always will be, a part of our lives. Our conversation came easily after the first few minutes, and I liked feeling that I could be open and honest with him. What an asset! I would not be comfortable with someone who made me feel that I had to hold back on this topic or not bring up that one. I've had enough people in my life in various capacities that caused such boundaries to go up, and I'm telling you, it is not worth it!

To be honest, I don't know how long we were there. I made sure to put on a watch (I don't wear one on a daily basis) in case I needed to decide if I'd stayed long enough to be respectful, but I did not look at it once!! Later, I figured out the driving time, and that told me know we were there for at least two hours, perhaps two and a half! Had he not had a three hour return trip, I could have stayed longer, because the company was very pleasant!

So. Will we see each other again? I'd say yes. I invited him to join me to an event this coming weekend, and he seemed open to it. He needed to check out a family event before he could say for certain. Even if not this weekend, I'm pretty sure we'll get together again. This is a person with whom I can certainly see myself having a friendship, at least.

There you have it! A good beginning for what I hope becomes a solid friendship. Beyond that? I don't care. Let fate take us where it does.



  1. Sounds like you had a great time the best friendships are the ones that just come naturally. The dog fights sound about the same as my son and daughter glad school is tomorrow.

  2. Sounds like a great start to a new friendship, and who knows, maybe more. Stu and I started the same way...and we were completely open about out late spouses. We still talk about can't be married close to 20 years and NOT. Wouldn't be a good relationship otherwise. You go girl! Will be watching for future updates...worst case, you've made a new friend.

  3. Yay!!! I'm glad it went well. :) One can never have too many friends in life and well - you jsut never know where the road will take you. :)

    And yummy! Your lunch sounds wonderful!

  4. This was exactly the lovely story I needed to read before I head to bed. I am SO very glad you had a lovely meal with a lovely person. Friend or otherwise at a later date. ;-)

  5. I am so glad that it was a nice day for you. I love your attitude about everything and you can't go wrong with your positive attitude.

  6. Awesome! You both sound open to friendship and nice guys are necessary in life, as friends or more than that.

  7. It sounds delightful! And it's always great to make a new friend.

    I'm really glad you had such a good time.

  8. Oh yeah--a new man friend. Sounds like you had a wondiferous time!!!

  9. Oh how nice, Lynilu !!!

    Meeting someone who you feel comfortable around and enjoy talking to and can be honest with and feel that they are honest and genuine back is a great start !

    I am happy for you :)

    Hope that the evnt this coming weekend is interesting, and that you two enjoy it and each-other's company :)

  10. p.s. and please say hi! to Ruth in Canada for me :)

  11. Redfrog, I agree about friendships. And I won't tell your kids you compared them to my dogs! LOL!

    Froggi, yes, that is just part of who we are, everyone who ever was in our lives. I'll keep posting as things occur. A new friend is a good thing. A very good thing!

    Casey, yep, a person can't have too many friends! And following "the road" is what it's all about!

    Melissa, I look forward to seeing where this goes. I'm not in a rush, and I have few expectations, so that is probably the best place to be.

    Caroline, me, too. I figure that, as I've said many times before, what happens is what is supposed to happen, and that is good!

    Julie, it seems to be a mutual goal toward friendship. I was surprised at many parallels in our lives that seemed to give us a considerable plot of common ground to build on.

    Jenster, thank you. It was one of the nicest things I've done in a long while, and with a nice person is even better!

    Beans, I did! I did!

    Annie, I agree. This is one of the best scenarios that can happen in life!

    I'll pass your howdy on to Ruth, for sure!

  12. What a fun day. Good food, good time and a new friend. May you have many fun days with your new friend. ;-)

  13. Oh, this sounds promising! I'm stuck on the fact that he drove 3 hours each way!

    Does he like dogs?


  14. Yay!!! Sounds like a perfect first meeting.

  15. GREAT attitude about this lady, this is making me smile a little


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