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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday Night Party

Last night was a pot luck. Yes, we usually do those on Monday, but we slid it to Friday because it was Da Bosses sixtieth birthday. We wanted to take him out, but he asked to do a pot luck and to include a number of other friends for the occasion. So .... we did, of course. We had most of our usual group and about fifteen others. We had an amazing meal, and even better company!

Da Boss always grills steaks for our dinners, and last night was no exception. Kansas City strips (or NY strips for those of you who don't know about KC beef!!) which were so tender that you could cut them with a fork. Then the usual mix of dishes that were delicious. I made a dish from a recipe that I begged from Julie, a tomato basil tart, and it was OMG good! Thank you, Julie!! I was asked for the recipe by at least eight people last night!

Just a few shots of the group. I didn't get everyone in these, but it give you an idea of the group.

Da Boss in in the blue shirt up front.

Gail in the redhead on the right, and Linda is in the center. Not the best picture of her, but now you have an idea of her face when I talk about her.

Coworkers J and A are standing at the left, J in rose, A in turquoise t-shirt. Da Boss and his pretty daughter are standing at the head of the table. Da Daughter drove in from California to surprise her daddy for his birthday, and boy, was he delighted!

Here is his birthday cake we had specially made for him. The bear is the company logo. Isn't that a cool cake?? The decorations are chocolate discs and OMG were they delicious. The entire top of the cake is a huge disc of chocolate! The cake was a rich chocolate with filling of Bailey's Irish Cream mousse. (My eyes are rolling back in my head at the thought!!!)

It was a fabulous evening. We got to make new friends from Mongolia, met up with old friends from here, stuffed our faces silly, and topped it all off with good wine. Can ask for much more than that, can we!?

Tonight is another big party, a reception for a new show opening at the Gallery. sigh. Will it never end, all this gaiety??? giggle!


  1. I love that cake!!! I'd love to have a slice of it! I like the bear decorations.

  2. Daisy, isn't it neat? And it tasted wonderful, too! Yeah, I like that logo, too. Since the gallery name is Oso (bear) Art, it is perfect.

  3. I am so glad you liked the tart! That cake looks amazing.
    Now I'm sort of thinking I'd like to get ppl together for a potluck because it looks so fun!

  4. Julie, oh yes, it was wonderful! I wish I had taken a picture of it because it was beautiful, too. I brought home a couple small pieces of it, and guess what I had for breakfast??? Thanks again, Julie.

    Do it!! Have a pot luck!

  5. Wow. I have never seen such a wonderful cake. Here in Indiana I think people would flip if we used anything besides white frosting.

  6. What a fun cake! Your peeps look like they could be trouble makers!

  7. Looks like you had a good time. I am so happy that I have faces for all your friends now.

    Love the cake.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Boss!!

    Looks like a great time was had by all and the cake... *swoon*

  9. M, LOL! Well, we wanted different, special, and we got it! The aqua color is the key color of our logo, along with white and tan (or black, depending on the background), and we love how the decorator captured it!

    Beans, trouble makers??? What?? Us?? well, yeah, we can be, but only if we are given a chance! Good people, however, ones I'm really fortunate to have found.

    Caroline, we did have a good time. I hope that you and Julie will be able to attend one of the pot lucks while you're here. Gina did, and she had a great time.

    Queenie, I'll pass it along to him! It was a very good time, and the cake couldn't have been a better end to it.


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