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Friday, August 08, 2008


Aw, man, this really sucks. If you're too young to appreciate Paul Newman, I'm sad for you. For the rest of us, I'm just sad.


  1. It does really suck. Too many loses lately. Too many.

  2. Did he pass away? I tried to go to the link, but nothing came up. I had heard he was really sick.

  3. I can't imagine anyone too young to appreciate Paul. What a great guy. I hope his last weeks are peaceful.

  4. Yes, it totally sucks.

    I love Paul Newman. Such a beautiful man and wonderful actor. He will be terribly missed when he's gone.

  5. I hadnt heard about his illness but I remember him well. I loved his movies with Joanne Woodward and am now wondering if she is still with us? He was one of the truly loved and respected actors, and there werent many.


  6. such a galant and noble man.
    a good soul.
    let's all go have a big flippin' salad with your favorite newman's own dressing on top.
    just a small gesture to keep the good going.
    he was an amazing actor, no doubt. but his humanitarianism trumps his movie career.
    go buy his products.

  7. Casey, yes, way too many. And I hope Morgan Freeman is doing better after the accident he was in.

    Caroline, no, but he is very ill. He has cancer and the article said he has just a short time and he wants to spend his final weeks at home. The picture of him looks so emaciated, much like G did before he left KC. :'(

    Jen, I agree with that. He's done some wonderful movies even in recent years. Me, too. I hope he can have all he wants in these days.

    Cheryl, Oh, yeah. He has been beautiful to look at and in how he has lived his life. An amazing man.

    Ruth, I hadn't heard about it either, so I was really stunned. Yes, I think Joanne is still alive. He was a standard that unfortunately younger Hollywood didn't follow. Quite a man.

    Cameo, oh, you said it well. A broken mold is what he came from. I wish we had a million as generous and caring as he has been.

    Daisy, oh, yes. Oh, yes.

  8. Well crap. This DOES suck. The other woman in my office has a pic of Paul and her son taken at the Indy 500 a couple years ago. She'll be so sad to hear of this.

  9. Though he is a private man, he was appreciative of his fans. I remember being in NYC just a few years ago when he was doing a play there. A couple from our tour group waited for him to arrive "to work" and I was told he greeted them warmly.

  10. Traci, We'd like to keep the good ones with us forever, wouldn't we?

    Dave, I've hear stories about his gentle openness with the public before, too. Yep, quite a man.

  11. Me too, Bernie Mac died today too. I like him alot.

  12. MQ, I heard that, too. Like Casey said, far too many are going. :(


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