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Friday, August 08, 2008


This morning The Boys are just wound up as heck. They have been tumbling and wrestling at an insane pace! They have actually been running at this pace for several days, and China has been getting into the fray with them on a regular basis. However, every time I've gone for the camera, they stop before I get back. Or if the camera is handy, they hear me turn it on and stop to investigate what I'm doing. But this morning .... ah, this morning, I got 'em!!

China has been quite, uhmm, vocal about the boys' activities. If they get carried away and run her over while playing, she jumps up and loudly tells them what she thinks of that. If they are playing, she doesn't watch as much nowadays. Like this morning, she jumps right in with all four feet. And bossy!!! That girl tells them she is a force to be reckoned with!! Sassy little thing!

This all amazes me because, if you recall, it was unlikely that she would be alive this long. This little trooper doesn't know anything is wrong with her. She still trots along as if she were a puppy. She still sits up on her back feet and begs, with front paws waving, for a treat. (I'll try to get a video of that, but it's hard to do the camera and hold the treat, too.) She still wants to go for walks and car rides, although both exhaust her. What an amazing little treasure she is!

I see, too, many signs of her failing health, but I'm delighted that she is still enjoying life and not just placidly, but with a lot of vigor and a major chunk of zest mixed in!!


  1. What fun to watch!! Thanks for sharing those videos with us. They're all precious!

  2. I'm going to recommend a book to you. The Art of Racing in the Rain. Lot's of tears, of every kind, but I think you'd like it.

  3. I will have to wait until I get home to watch the video, but dang I just love China doll so much. She is one of the coolest dogs ever.

  4. Thx for all the "puppy tales" NOW do you have a story about a trailer and a cowboy? According to Carolines comment on MJ's blog there might be something to the rumour lol


  5. Oh Oh....I think I may be in trouble here......

  6. Jenster, thanks, and you're welcome!

    Kathi, I'll look into it. I was considering downloading the audio to listen to on my trip next week, but then I decided it is probably not what I need to be listening to while driving. I'll read it after the trip. Thanks. :)

    Caroline, you'll love the video when you can watch. She is a pip!! A noisy one!!

    And, of course you're in trouble! What's new?

    Ruth, nah, we're gonna stick with the puppy tales for now!! :D

  7. OK, I watched the movies...

    Damn.....I know who's in charge at your house..:)

  8. animals teach us humans sooo much about the joie de vivre

  9. Caroline, ohhhhh, yeah! When she decides to set 'em straight, she don't mess 'round!!!

    M, isn't that the truth? If we humans could just put ourselves out there without the mental drag that we do, it would be awesome!

  10. Go China - i'm so glad I got to meet her and I hope she rallies on pain-free!

  11. Patti, I hope so, too. She has been such a good little companion. I'm glad you met her, too. The more who have her memory, the longer that memory will live. :')


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