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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rain, the Sequel

Once again it is raining. I've had an inch since around 8:00 pm, 2.5 hours.

Once again it is thanks to a tropical storm. Edouard is not a hurricane, but he is giving us a dandy storm.

Once again, I remind you I live on a mountain .... at 7200' above sea level .... surrounded by desert .... 900 miles from the sea from which the storm is coming!!!

We've had a bit of rain every two or three days since the huge rain that caused serious flooding, but it has been light enough to not cause severe concerns. Tonight, I just don't know. I'm not worried about my area, at least not yet, but I don't know what is going on in Ruidoso, where the flood already did some major damage. The flooding caused the river to change its course, and there are many areas which just can't take any more rushing water. There are houses barely standing on foundations where almost half of the walls are just gone. It wouldn't tak much more to collapse the homes. I'm hoping there isn't heavy rain over there tonight.

The forecast is for rain for the next two or three days/nights. We'll see what happens.

Rain is good. Really, it is! But .... can we just spread it out a little more and lighten it up a bit?


  1. Yes I Love rain but don't like flooding. Hope all is well in Ruidoso.
    We've had a thunderstorm two nights in a row! Whoopee!!

  2. Good point, Lynilu. The water is vital for the treese and planst and flowers, but flooding just wreaks havoc.... If it could just rain one inch a week each week of the year on Sunday night between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and no more...

  3. MQ, I had an additional inch over night. haven't heard about R today, so I'm assuming that "no news is good news."

    We had thunder last night that was wild. Not a lot of thunder, but when it happened, you knew it BIG time!!

  4. Annie,LOL! I love your solution! It would be just perfect, wouldn't it? Now ..... where do we place the order for that.....?

  5. Maybe you need to start using those special powers and wishing to win the lottery.

  6. Caroline, Haaaaaaa, ha, ha! I wish I were so powerful! OK, I'll buy a lottery ticket today and see what happens!! LOL!


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