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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Look at these faces. Aren't they just precious. Three innocent, docile little darlings. I love these guys!

And it's a good thing that I love them. Otherwise there would be fewer cute little moments like this.

Moments before I took this picture, I was drying my hair after a shower. I had put my clothes on the bed ready to put on. I realized The Boys were very quiet. Uh-oh. So I turned around and looked. Uh-oh. I couldn't believe it. Sam was chewing on my bra!!

Between Sam and Max, I don't know who I can trust less. They will chew up just about anything in their reach! Now the shoe that was chewed up was my fault. I left in on the floor, didn't put it in the closet. I knew better, but I was lazy and lost a good shoe. And yes, they have access to the bed, so technically it was my fault because I left my clothes there. But please! sigh.

Yeah, it's a good thing I love those boys.


  1. I'm always telling Sookie, "It's a good thing you're so cute!" LOL

  2. *snort* Wow, bra chewers, eh? I hope Duke doesn't read this post and get any bright ideas. ;-) His trick of the week was taking a massive diarrhea poop on the carpet right next to the couch... that I was napping on. Sadly for him, my poor hubby stepped right in it and that's how the pile was discovered. Ick!

    Excuse me, I'm going to go hide my bras.

  3. LOL. It's the quiet timid ones you have to be afraid of.

    Just one week you will be adding one more to the bunch.

  4. They are unbelievably cute and will force you to be an immaculate housekeeper, the little clothing furball terrorists !

  5. SO damn cute. I miss my woofy friend so much. glad we are going home tomorrow.

    i can see how they could get in lots and lots of trouble!

  6. Brandy has chewed/eaten a lot of my stuff (panties, socks, hairbrush, scrapbook stuff) but never a bra. I swear she's jealous of me. Maybe I should hide my bras too?

  7. I say the same thing about Pepper she can be evil in about 15 different ways everyday and yet we still love her. Her favorite food is undies Sarah puts hers in the washer when she gets done with her shower everyday so pepper doesnt get them.

  8. Jen, it works, doesn't it?? LOL!

    Melissa, oh, lawdy, I'll put up with bra chewing if it means I don't have to clean up diarrhea poop!

    Caroline, I MUST be daft!!!

    Annie, OH, NO!!! I have to learn to be immaculate???? Their level of terrorism just went up a notch!

    Beans, they are little imps of a first class order! Really, they get into so much trouble together! Or separately, for that matter!

    Daisy, I don't dare drop a sock for even a moment. Sam will dart in, grab it and run! Dogs are just too dang funny how they entertain themselves! If only they didn't chew it up!!

  9. Redfrog, lots of dogs love the undies. I don't blame Sarah for putting them straight into the washer!

  10. They are just DARLING though. I am so thankful Reilly was/is not a chewer. It can be a trial!


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