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Saturday, August 23, 2008


In a few days I'm going to meet a friend of a friend of a friend. The latter two friends got together and were talking bout their two friends, the first friend and me, and decided that the two friends of the friends needed to meet. Sooo. We are going to meet.

This all started, gosh, a couple months ago! Several things came up, first for him, then with me, and after a few telephone conversations we decided now is the time to do this thing. Soooo. Soon we are having lunch and will test the waters to see if we have enough in common to make it worth while to arrange another meeting. I know very little about him, I haven't asked a lot, because I want to make my own mind up. I have not idea what he looks like. I didn't want someone telling me things that would give me a preconception. How much does he know about me? I have no idea.

What I do know is that he was widowed not long after I was, around two years ago. I know that he misses companionship, and that is what I miss, too. That's a good start, because neither of us is looking for anything beyond a friend to hang out with. I like that. If more comes, so be it. If that's all there is, so be it. Yes, I like that.

This is a whole new era for me. I haven't had a date in, let's see, uhmmm, 34 years. Gulp!


  1. You go girl....I never thought I would find another THE ONE, but it happened. Took us both by surprise...friendship came first and yes, that's the most important thing. Just let it flow and ENJOY!!! Will be watching for updates.

  2. Froggi, good for you! I'm glad to hear that! That is encouraging to me, although I'm truly not expecting anything but a friendship. And if friendship happens, that is great; if more happens it will be .... interesting! I'll do updates as seem appropriate. :)

    YG, thanks so much! And back at you, too!

  3. oh, yeah!! i can't wait to hear more!

  4. Well now, this is major. It's been a hell of a long time since I've had a date- an eternity- but it's been even longer for you.

    You are wise to not be asking questions. Your assessment will be fresh and original.

    A woman I worked with before we lost our jobs just started the romance of her life, after being dateless for decades. (She's in her 70's.) Her situation gives me hope. She's very happy, and being of retirement age, the loss of her job has been pretty easy for her to swallow as well. I love it when a person her age ends up being enviable, if that makes any convoluted sense.


  5. Beans, patience! :D

    Betty, trust me, this is a bit scary. I truly don't know what people do on dates these days, but hopefully I'll figure it out it it reaches a real date.

    That is cool about your work-friend. It is nice when we figure out that life doesn't stop with aging!

  6. Wow

    It will be fun and ENJOY!

    Can't wait to hear more.

  7. IE, I think it will be and I will! Thanks. Stay tuned!

  8. Good luck with the meeting. Let's hope for a great friendship to develop.

  9. Good luck with the meeting.

  10. MJ and Daisy, thanks to you both.


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