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Friday, August 22, 2008

Indigenous Grasses

Betty asked if grass such as in my lawn is common here, and I answered no. But when it rains like it has lately, we have a number of varieties of grass that are plentiful. There is a lot of it around on various hillsides and in valleys. Much of it it knee high or close to that. Some it is really pretty, some have heads that wave in the breezes. Pretty stuff!

Here are a few pictures of some grasses growing on my property. I haven't looked up the names. I don' wanna.

And while I was taking those pictures, I came to the back yard where the dogs were having a stretch and found this......

Jazi was enjoying the warm sun on her belly and taking a little snooze! Later in the day we went to the vet for a checkup. She is fine. She has a little swelling in a node, but no symptoms that are of concern, so I'll just watch that. She weighs in a bit heavier than I thought. A whole, great big whopping ten (10) pounds! I really thought she was between 8 and 9. Her appetite is good, but not voracious like the boys. The vet staff were charmed with her, and she is very friendly with every person she has met so far. She just charms everyone wherever we go!



  1. 10 lbs...Sadie is 8x that. Sometimes I wish she was small enough to crawl on my lap.

  2. MJ, Sadie is such a lover! I think she would love being 10 pounds and curling up in your lap!

  3. Wow, it sure looks as if you have a ton of grass, of various varieties. But, of course, you were searching for examples to photograph. I often wonder how much grass grows in nature, because all of the grass where I live is brought in. A lot of the grass where you live appears to be natural, not deliberately planted.

    This fascinates me.


  4. Betty, one of the things I love about this part of the country is that it hasn't been altered beyond recognition of the natural beauty. It's not always beautiful in the same way other places are, because when we get a drought, it is very, very brown. But when the rains come, it is a plush and naturally green place. Yes, the very fact that we don't plant a lot of trucked-in grass is one of my favorite features.

    I actually hesitated in planting the little patch of grass out back, but I caved when I finally tired of cleaning the floor every time I turned around because the pups were tracking in mud and dirt. Even though it isn't completely covered yet, the decrease in that is marvelous!

    Maybe you should stop and visit a day or two on your way to/from California in September?


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