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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Signs of Wholeness, Peace, Calm

Jazi knows her name! She is responding regularly and well to Jazmyn, Jazi or Jaz. She seems to like Jazi best, and I think I do, too.

This morning she was sleeping on the back of the couch with her head sorta hanging in the space between the pillow and the couch. She has no trouble relaxing!

A few minutes later, I turned around and apparently the pillows had tipped forward!

Ali has seemed to enjoy being in the living room and playing with toys again over the last few days.

I've noticed that the whole pack seems to be calmer and more quiet. I'm wondering if the addition of our last baby, Jazi, has put some kind of balance in their world. Don't get me wrong, The Boys still run and wrestle, growl and yelp, but it seems to be at a different level most times. I know I have felt a balance, as if it is complete. It feels right!

Yesterday I saw my grandmother's shoe in the sky!

It looked almost as if there were snow on the mountains, but it was just sunshine and shadows of the clouds.

This is the more mature grass, the patch that was planted first.

A close-up shows the bare spots. Not enough to worry about!

This is the other end of the yard, the part that was planted later. You see a lot of bare ground, but there is actually almost full coverage with tender new blades that have sprouted and are filling in.

I think that by winter, the roots will be well-established and healthy enough to give a decent lawn for new summer.

I did about two hours of yard work this morning, and got rid of a lot of the thistles. I'll do more tomorrow or the next day. A little at a time is safer than trying to do all of them at once. As it was, I was red-faced and miserably hot when I can in. I sat on the deck and had a glass of iced water in a wonderful breeze, then came in and showered. That cool shower was excellent!!

Then I fixed another glass of iced water, and gave the dogs some ice. They love ice, and I put 8-10 cubes in a dish for them at least once a day. They really went crazy over it today. Wonder if they felt my discomfort!!

I needed to take it easy for the rest of the day, so I spent most of the afternoon at the table sorting pictures. I have family pictures dating back into the early part of the last century, and my task is to organize them, scan them, and copy them to CDs. I need to get rid of surplus in the house, and by doing this, I can save the memories handy but have them in a fraction of the space. Currently, there are 2 huge totes + filled with photos. The photos themselves will go to the kids, giving each of them a few to put into albums if they want, and they will have copies of the CDs, of course. I made it through one tote and have sorted them by decade. This will make it easier to find them on a CD, I think. When I get around to scanning, I will probably post a few of them here.

I found pictures of my parents as children and teenagers. Of course, I've seen them before, but what a delight to see them again. I have snapshots that were my parents' that I will sort out and share them with my siblings. Some are really fun memories, and some make me wonder why they were taken! It's good I never take pictures that make people say "Huh?" LOL! I found a photo of my friend and her hub who passed away about 4 years ago. What a treasure! I'm going to scan it, then frame the original to give her.

I'm loving getting so much done around here. I have too many things needing done, and I'm really good about putting it off! I think I'm finally in the right place at the right time!! Much like I feel that my little four-legger family in in place and complete, I am feeling time to catch up with myself. I'm loving this!


  1. i told the landscapers not to come on Friday. i want to do my own yard work this weekend.

  2. Thanks for sharing about your day- your four legged family made me smile :)

  3. It really did look like a shoe !!!

    The dogs are adorable, and the grass looks great Lynilu !

    Please say hi! to Ruth in Canada for me :)

  4. M(ary), LOL! I wish I could have had landscapers do mine! No, actually, I am so glad to be able to do things myself. I'm fortunate that at my age I can still do what I do.

    Yankeegirl, I'm glad you got a smile from that! Our goal is to make people smile and feel better!

    Annie, didn't it?? I loved that cloud formation.

    Thanks! The grass is a coup for me!!

    Hey, Ruth!! Annie says HI!!! :D

  5. I wanted to say that I am reading every day - you are on my feed. Love all the photos!! I need to get better at posting comments again.

    I love watching your family - all the furry ones are so cute!

  6. Yard is looking good. Glad things seem to balance.

  7. Well, Casey, I thought you'd disappeared forever! Glad to hear from you.

    My furry ones are the best buddies ever! It is nice how things have fallen into place for us. :)

    MJ, thanks! I'm really happy that it is taking root as it is. And, yeah, I can't explain it, but things seems to be in sync. Love it!

  8. It is such a good feeling when a shower is "earned" like that! I love getting rid of stuff at home too, for some reason it makes ME feel lighter.

  9. Yay for wholeness,peace and calm... and your grandmother's shoe in the sky!

  10. Julie, have you thought about it this way .... both the showering and the disposal of "stuff" are cleansing acts.

    Queenie, yeah!!!

  11. Wow. I love reading about the peace, balance and satisfaction in your life.

    And that's the best looking grass I've seen in quite a while. It's not that common in your neck of the woods, is it?


  12. It is not so bad here at 88 this morning. I still don't look forward to doing much yard work.
    I love the photo of your Grandmother's shoe. It really does look like a hightop shoe.

    Your dogs are wonderful. Jazi is a cute name, I love it. I have cats but for most of my life, I had Cairn Terriers, so I know cute. : )

  13. Betty, a lawn can do very well, but it is not what I would call natural in this area.
    We are enjoying a lush, well-watered summer, and this has helped all plants since the drought broke in June. I planted a mix recommended by Ace hardware for this climate. I don't remember what is in it, but it is supposed to be good for high traffic, and I though I'd probably need that with the dogs.

    There are a lot of various prairie grasses that grow wild. I'll take some pictures of the naturally occurring indigenous grasses and plants and post them soon, OK?

    Eve, it is still cool here, about 76°, headed to mid or upper 80s. I will probably stay out of it today. Yesterday was only around 78° when I was out working, but labor + a mild heat is all it takes for me to work up a good lather!

    The shoe tickled me and I just had to snap it!

    Oh, I like Cairn's, too. The faces of Cairns, Westies, and Yorkies are a dear as my guys. Thanks, I'm really proud of my pack!

  14. Your yard is looking great!!! And Jazi is too cute for words. I knew I should have taken her when I had the chance. :)

    Can I tell you how much I miss reading your blog since my computer is on the fritz. I just hate this. I am going through serious Lynilu withdrawls. Thankfully I can come to work anytime to check blogs and emails.

  15. Caroline, I think by the time you are here to visit, the lawn will be nearly filled in. It is really doing well, thank goodness.

    You couldn't have taken Jazi, and you know it! HA!!

    I hope you get the computer back soon. I know how bad it is for me when the internet is down. Nah, we're not addicted, are we?? LOL!


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