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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Introducing Little Missy

~ ~ Jazmyn Jewel ~ ~

Miss Jazmyn is rapidly becoming "The Princess" in my vocabulary! When she is on the bed, she wants to be on a pillow. She loves to be on my lap. A while ago, she bounced onto my "lap," except I was half reclining, so she wound up on my chest and she just curled up and stayed there, happy as a lark! She slept with her head near my heart for about 30 minutes, wrapped around my collar bones.

She also likes sleeping on the back of the couch. I think she is out of the path of the rowdies there and she has a great "bird's eye view."

Do ya think she feels like "Top Dog" here?

She is like a little mountain goat on the couch!

I bought a few new toys on the trip. I got them out this morning, and Jazmyn ran and grabbed this little fuzzy ball as if to keep it from the boys!

Then one of the boys got hold of it, and took it to the floor to play with it.

I can't see her face, but I'm thinking "evil eye" here!!

Ali came out this morning and has joined in the pay with new toys. He has been fetching for me for over a half hour now. He is resting occasionally, and I'm not throwing hard or far, but this is good for him. I've noticed that his eyesight is apparently worse than I thought. If I throw the toy over his head or he doesn't see which direction I toss it, he is having trouble finding it. I'm tossing it only five or six feet to try to help him. His back legs, too, just keep giving out on him, however it isn't slowing him down. But I love that he is playing. He just doesn't do it much these days.

I was trying to get her to look toward the camera and she began nibbling on my finger like a toy! She was SO gentle!

Unlike some of the boys, she has no camera shyness!

None at all!

She is a very proud Shih Tzu. She carries herself beautifully, head up, tail curled over her back and prances, much like her newly acquired sissy, China. Her size is petite, and she is the smallest of all the dogs. Sam is closest in size at 12.4 pounds. She appears to be 2/3 or 3/4 his size. Her color is brindle, meaning she is mostly grey with some brown and gold mixed in. She and Sam are almost the same color. Her face is just adorable with its little flat nose and big, round, deep brown eyes. She is very sweet natured, a "little lady," so it seems. She runs with the "big" dogs, but so far doesn't seem to be interested in the roughhousing of the boys. And like China, she tells them "ENOUGH" in a clear, loud voice!! Da Girl got sass!

Look at this expression!! Either "Whut?" or "I sowwy." I'm not sure!

Joey likes to be able to be near her to sleep. Any time we are quiet, he wants to be close to her, but not obsessively so. Kim, at the shelter, said she had to allow them to be in the same crate while he stayed there because he had a fit when he wasn't right beside her. They will be sleeping in the same crate until I'm sure they are house trained. But he doesn't seem to mind that the others play with her or are near her. That is good, because I would hate to be constantly breaking up fights! And BTW, Max seems to be a little more relaxed about her this morning.LOL!!

This video is another from last night, before he came to his senses! It just makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it because it is as if he can't help himself! He just HAS to make little guttural noises and tiny woofs! You will hear three or four little yips from her at the beginning as she was telling him to back off, then she quit and everything else is him!!

I predict happy days ahead in my house!! And lots of laughs!


  1. awwwwwww so cute. I will say it again girl they will save you a spot in doggie heaven so is your inn full or are you going to adopt more.

  2. WOW...another doggie! I didn't know you liked dogs? Huh...go figure! :-)lol

    Now she is a cutie pie!!! I love her sweet little face.

    The video was cute's almost like Max was saying, "you make me SICK!" under his breath to Jazzy (my new pet name for YOUR new doggie) LOL

    Thanks for sharing your new addition with us.

  3. Redfrog, yes, my inn is full!! If I had the resources and room, I'd rescue as many as I could, but I don't want to get to the point that I can't care for them properly.

    Dawn, :D I know, it's not like someone can easily tell that dogs are important to me!!

    She is definitely a cutie pie, and she is as sweet as she looks. Boy, did I luck out! I adopted her and Joey sight-unseen! Yeah, I call her the same nickname, but I've spelled it Jazi.

  4. Jazmyn has the most soulful eyes - like she's an OLD soul. You are a brave woman adopting sight unseen, I think the doggie angels arranged everything.

  5. Sandra, yes, she does, but they also have a warmth about them. Shih Tzu eyes are always kinda like that .... wisened, thoughtful, deep, full of love, and often unreadable. They are interesting little guys. :)

  6. What a precious princess! I love how open you are to having a pascal of dogs.

  7. MJ, all I can say is "how could I not have the whole bunch?" :)

  8. Isn't that funny how she just marched right in with her little bad self! I love it!

  9. MQ, yes, and she is showing more of herself today. She is instigating play with The Boys, but she doesn't play rough as they do. She is A GIRL!!


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