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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

xssssssssssaqswa (title compliments of Jazi!!)

I want to remind everyone about adopting pets responsibly. I love Shih Tzu, but knowing what I now do about the number of them that are adoptable because of abandonment, I won't buy again from a breeder. You think you have to have a purebred? They're available from rescues, because there are hundreds of thousands of people who buy purebreds, then when they realize the responsibility, simply throw them away. You think you want to breed them? Please don't until there are homes for all the lost dogs.

I got an email from the Shih Tzu Rescue folks that included the following. I don't know how many are aware that the Amish are the Nazis of the animal world (my words, so don't blame anyone but me for that remark). However, if you don't believe that, read the following and then .... just to get a number of neutral opinions on it .... simply google "Amish, puppy mills," and I think you'll be duly revolted. then go to and just browse the endless lists of homeless animals. Even limit your browsing to one type or breed or size or gender, and you'll be stunned with the number who are in need. I can forgive owners who become ill or lose their homes and can't care for their pets. They have placed them for adoption. That happens. But the vast majority are discards. (this is just from Oklahoma, but there are links to many other organizations)

And BTW, remember that my Sammy was a puppy mill dog. He escaped the kind of death below because he and 20-30 others were dumped on the streets. At least he is alive and I was blessed to bring him to my home, but there were others who didn't escape euthanization, probably some who starved to death, maybe some who were hit by cars or killed by citizens in the area.

This vigil is being organized by PUPPYMILLRESCUE. COM. This group have been
fighting this fight for years and saving countless dogs in the process. ALl
who believe in this cause are welcome. If you have media contacts, please
alert them too. THere is OUTRAGE -- there is DISGUST at what has happened to
these dogs. They are the symbol of so many nameless suffering and neglected
souls in the puppymills of the US. We have momentum now and we must keep it
going. And PLEASE dont patronize Lancaster County tourism and Amish wares
and services. Their produce is grown with the bodies of dead dogs as
fertilizer Every dollar spent lines the pockets of these cruel people whose only
thought is their own greed. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

A Candlelight Vigil will be held on Saturday August 23rd at Academy Square
in Seneca Falls, NY to honor the 80 dogs known killed and the thousands
unknown that are killed in the puppy mills across the country. See below for a
brief explanation of the murder of these poor defenseless dogs. 

Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau
HARRISBURG - Two Berks County kennel operators killed nearly their entire
kennel population - 80 dogs - after wardens ordered veterinary exams on dozens
of their animals.
After receiving a poor inspection report on July 24, Elmer Zimmerman of
Kutztown shot his 70 small-breed dogs and threw them onto a compost pile on his
property, according to officials with the state Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.
His brother, Ammon Zimmerman, who operated A & J Kennel next door, shot 10
dogs about the same time, they said.

If you think this isn't happening in NY please think again. We must enact
better zoning laws and insist humane treatment is offered to all animals in
our country. Rather than seek Veterinary care for these dogs they were taken
out and shot and thrown on a compost pile, which will be spread on crops that
you purchase and eat. "Food" for thought, isn't it.

Lets put a stop to this barbaric practice.

Please join us for a short memorial to those poor dogs, let their deaths not
be in vain .

Academy Square, Seneca Falls, NY (corner of South Park Street and Cayuga
Street) 8pm Saturday August 23rd. (rain or shine)
Please bring your own dripless candles or small flashlights for the event.
Dogs welcome, bring poop bags:))

Donations may also be made to Puppymillrescue. Inc to be used toward a future
local billboard .

Thank you,
Eileen Franco

On a positive note, I'm very impressed with the Rescue Shelter where I got Joey and Jazmyn. She rescues many, many animals, because she loves them. No other reason. Because she loves them. She started out, basically like I have, and she just found too many that she couldn't leave to be euthanized. She doesn't limit the breed or the question of breed in rescuing the dogs. She has brought home dogs that she knows she will probably not be able to find a home for, and she simply resigns herself to have several dogs that are hers. She is not funded. She does this on her own shoestring budget. She does get some food donations (and she insists on Science Diet for their health), I think, but little else. A local vet donates her time, charges only for meds and supplies.

When I picked up Joey and Jazmyn yesterday and really got to look around the place, I was impressed with several things. All the dogs are friendly and hang out together in a large fenced area. Several are in the early stages of socialization, still shy. She and her family spend a lot of time "hands on" with them, teaching them that there are good humans in the world. She just recently rescued three Shih Tzu (no, I didn't bring extras home), probably from a puppy mill. Their behaviors remind me of Sammy, scared to death of people. While I was there, her DIL was holding one of them, petting and loving him until he relaxed like a rag doll. She said she has to do this several times a day with several dogs.

I gave her a donation before I left there. She got tears in her eyes and said "Oh, good now I can get XXX groomed!" Although the dogs are kept outside, they are kept groomed and cleaned up. She gives them all the medical care, has them spayed or neutered before they leave (even Joey and Jazmyn's puppies were neutered at 7 weeks before being placed), and socializes them.

There are too many animals being put down because someone didn't act responsibly. Meanwhile, puppy mills thrive. I 'm asking everyone to check out rescue shelters in your area and see if you can do anything to help them. If there isn't a shelter around you, or even if there is and you can spare it, go to Kim's website and send her a little donation. x 111111SSSSSXS (Those final few characters are from Jazi. She jumped on the computer when I stepped away for a minute. I think she meant to type "Please help Kim and others like her"!!)


  1. Hi again I dont mean to stalk your blog but you have inspired us. WE had a long haired gray cat that someone just dumped here. She doesnt mind the dogs and is litter trained. We have adopted her she will be getting spayed and possibly declawed please dont yell at me. If anyone wants kittens let me know.

  2. Redfrog, heavens, girl, why would I yell at you?? You're doing a wonderful thing! I take it she is expecting babies? No, I'm glad you're giving her a home. I wish more people would take them in and have them spayed/neutered for their own sakes.

  3. I will not dispute the Amish thing, we have quite a few in MN and the puppy mills to prove it. Grrrrrrrrr.

  4. Sandra, they are everywhere, unfortunately. The practices of the Amish just completely wipe me out, however, and people unfortunately don't know this other, very ugly side to their way of life. Breaks my heart.

  5. I finally ran out of expose' books on FLDS Mormons, if you can recommend any on the Amish, I'd be quite interested!

    Thank for you promoting spay/neuter and breed rescues, by the way - the message cannot be shouted loud enough.

  6. I would have to agree with you about the Amish being the "Nazis" of the animal world. I have heard that before. There are Amish that live in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County to be exact) not terribly far from here that have puppy mills. SO SAD!!!!

    I would never buy a dog. All of my animals have been rescues. And personally, I think they make much better pets.

  7. Sandra, I actually haven't looked for any books on this. Actually, I don't know if I could read one. I'd be so angry and also in tears that I doubt I could finish it. If I hear of some, I'll let you know.

    Yes, and the message cannot be repeated often enough. I know I'll never see the end of it in my lifetime, but perhaps in my grandchildren's .......

    Daisy, they are not kind to other animals, either. Lots of stories about "useless" animals being beaten are out there. I realize they see dogs differently that we do, but cruelty is unforgivable, IMHO. Yeah, rescues seem so grateful after they get over the disbelief of being with kind people.

  8. I have rescued for years and will continue to do so. Also support my local Animal Shelter which needs it so very badly. Very under-funded.

  9. Patti, yes, I know you have and you do. I just hope we can inspire many to follow suit. It is so badly needed.


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