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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Size of It All

I thought I'd illustrate Jazmyn's size for you.

Below is, l to r, Joey, Max and Jazi.

Jazi and Sam.
(He is a bit heavier build than she is. She is very petite and delicate.)

Oops! I don't know why this is sideways. Tilt your head to the left and see Jazi next to Max.
(Max is long and lanky. He stretches up and out and by those dimensions, is larger than Joey, but he isn't as muscular, so Joey weighs more!)

Little Missy and Joey.
(Joey is a muscular little guy, solid as a rock!)

Just a little bit o' nuttin'!!


  1. I think my cats are bigger than your dogs. Such lil punkins!

  2. Sandra, yes, most of the cats I've had have been larger than they are, too! It's especially easy for this little one to be smaller!! I tried to weigh her, and I think she is only about 8-9 lbs!

  3. My first glimpse of the little lady. She has such a sweet face! So what if she's small...makes for good lap size. How does China take to her? Gypsy

  4. That little girl is such a darling cutie.

  5. Gypsy, oh, trust me, I'm not complaining! Her size is a bonus, for sure! She and China have only sniffed noses and wagged tails so far. Jazi likes to sleep beside me on the couch or on the back of it, and China wants to be on the floor. I think it will take some more time.

    Daisy, i can't even tell you how cute and sweet she really is!

  6. Oh my lord I just want to KISS those little faces!!!!

    Reilly is teeny weeny, my cats are all bigger than he is even petite little Sneaky!

  7. MQ, LOL! Everyone here, despite Jazi's delicateness, are bigger than Reilly, I'm sure!

    As to kisses .... if I ever have a man in my life again, he's better be OK with animals, 'cause he'll be sharing this face with all my babies!!


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