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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Two Houdinis

Once again, they did it! All the dogs but Ali were on the deck, playing while I worked inside. After a time Max was asking to come in, and when I opened the door for them, only three trotted in, Max, China and Jazi. Lawdy, the tattle-tail was telling me again that his buddies, Joey and Sam were MIA!!

I whistled, and they were actually right here, standing on the handicap ramp waiting to come back in! I have looked and looked without finding their escape hatch. Everything is secure! I just don't get it!! It seems pretty obvious that they are getting out somewhere near the ramp, because that is where they try to return every time, but damn if I can find it!!

I had just finished the tasks I was doing in the house and planning to go out and do some yard work before it rains, but it looks like perhaps I need to spend some more time on the deck before they do it again and get really lost. Just what I needed!! I swear, those two will tax me beyond my ability to not throttle their precious, ornery, at-risk little necks!! Say a prayer for them!!! They may need it!

UPDATE!! After looking closely at the area around the presumed escape hatch, I discovered where I think they are getting out. I have a huge trash can for outside cleanup. It sits just inside the "secured" area. Behind the trash can were a few places that I had not stapled the security wire at the bottom. After all, they couldn't get back there, right?? HA!!! I found little doggie hairs hung on the wire where they squeezed between the pushed-up wire and the decking! It's stapled now!!!


  1. See its just not pepper that is evil. Got to love them.

  2. I'm wondering where their escape hatch is. You may have to peek out a window and spy on them next time you let them outside, to see how they are managing it - little rascals !

  3. Redfrog, yeah, and it's lucky for them I do love 'em!!!

    Annie, I found it, and updated the blog. Now, do I think that is it forever? I hardly think so!!! I'm guessing they'll find something i haven't!! THEN .... I'll hide out and spy on 'em!!! LOL!!!

  4. how funny that it is just those two! i wonder which doggie is the leader and which is the follower? and how do they communicate? as soon as you turn your back, they are probably barking to each other "now is our chance!"

  5. M(ary), I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that it is Joey who is the ringleader of the escapes. I just checked back to confirm what I was thinking, and Joey has been one of the escapees every time!! Once he took Max with him, the other times, it has been Sam. Little dickens!!

  6. Rascally little buggers!

  7. I'm glad you did discover where they were getting it out. I just think it's hilarious that he tattles on them!!!!

  8. MJ, aren't they?? Boys just wanna have fun, I guess!

    Queenie, I guess Max isn't as nervy as the other two, and he's gonna make sure they don't have too much fun without him!!


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