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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Oh, dear. We are having a little thunderstorm, and it appears BabyCakes is afraid of the storms! Not shaking, falling down, hiding under furniture, chewing up everything scared, but not really comfortable with it, either. She doesn't seem to mind rain, but the thunder makes her nervous! I hope it doesn't thunder all night!

I'm sure glad I mowed the little patch of grass our back this afternoon!


  1. Bufford will knock you down and lay on you when he hears thunder or gunshots or fireworks. Pepper just barks at it.

  2. We had a German Shephard who literally jumped through a glass door one night because of a bad storm (we weren't home). My Mom was not amused at the blood on white carpet but the dog was okay after we cleaned her up and put some stuff on her boo-boos.
    Poor little girl!

  3. Redfrog, I've had dogs with all kinds of reactions, and Jazmyn's is the mildest, so I'm not going to complain!

    MQ, until we moved away from the tremendous storms of the Midwest, I was not able to leave Ali alone if storms were around or even possible. Now that he has lost his hearing, it doesn't seem to be any problem. I don't think he hears it at all.

  4. Poor babycakes...

    We hardly have thunder or lighting in southern ca. which is a shame because I love firece storms.

  5. Annie, I like storms, too, at least until I feel the house shaking! I think Jazi will settle down after a few of them and she realizes that she is safe. And I'm really glad she dis just *mildly* concerned about storms.


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