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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Call me Sherlock! I know who the culprit is!!! I know who dun it!!

Yesterday another sandal was chewed up. OK, OK, it is my fault, because I came in from outside, left my dirty sandals at the door while I went to take a shower, and when I came out .... Sam was chowin' down!! Damn. These were my tough, outside working sandals. Then today I got another confirmation when he puked up little bits of the sandals he ate on 9/4. Guess what? Leather doesn't digest!!! Damn.

And in that channel, I thought this cartoon was hilarious!!

Thank goodness there are times like this when they are too cute for words, and you just can't be mad at them:

And I've been in this mode of operation for about a week now. If I have surprise company, I will be mortified!

This is for those of you who are having difficulty letting summer go ......

That's all, just some miscellaneous ranting and laughing!! Have a good one!!


  1. That little rascal. Sadie was never a chewer so can't say I know what it's like however, Sadie is food focused so we've lost lots of meals.

  2. MJ, I only had one other chewer, and he "only" chewed on the windowsills of the bay window!!

  3. Very cute cartoons. Thank God Reilly is not a chewer because Madison leaves stuff all over!

  4. Queenie, if I can get these two boys to quit their oral fixations, I'll be so happy!! Sam chews things up; Max eats anything that is in reach, bits of paper, rubber bands, leaves, sticks, wooden duck decoy bills, styrofoam peanuts, etc. gah. I think Max's fixation is possible based on previous survival skills (remember he was the "street dog"), because his first choice of things to eat is any food he can get close to, the dogs or mine.


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