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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Wednesday Morning!

NOOOOOO!!! I don't want to be awake this early!! The clock said 6:23 when a dog with a shouting bladder woke me. It was still dark, maybe just the first vestiges of light, but with what I assumed was an overcast, only a touch.

But I'm a good doggy mom, so I dragged my weary, sleepy butt out of bed and put the herd outside. As I walked away from the back door, I saw a little light in the kitchen. It wasn't as much light as I saw a couple days ago when I took these two pictures.

Isn't this pretty, with the sun catching in the colored bottles I have sitting in front of the window? I like how they are reflecting and refracting on the glass divider to the left, and with the sun-catcher above, the window was really alive with color. In fact, the colors were all over the kitchen.

Pretty, pretty colors.

This morning there was a little sun on the bottles, but not nearly like that other day. I walked to the window, and saw that the sun was about to come up. This is one thing I really like about fall and winter .... I can wake early enough to see the sunrise over the Capitans. OK, OK, some days I need the dogs to help me wake up that early!

Over the mountains, to the North side of the view from my deck, the colors were pastel, soft, kind of dreamy.

So soothing.


Toward the South the colors were more intense and fiery.

There is an overcast as I suspected. You can see the heavy, dark mass of clouds at the top, however, it doesn't cover the whole sky. It was almost clear to the west.

While I stood there the hummingbirds were flitting around the feeders, as they do all day, but especially in the early morning like this. I took a few pictures that were not really good, then I realized that I could do this:

While I was on the deck, an elk was bugling nearby. Yep, it is that time of year, rutting season has begun! I was hoping to catch his sound, but I heard it just a couple times and he didn't bugle while I had the video on, unfortunately. I guess that means I need to get up and go out early more often now, huh? HUH???

On the next clip, you heard the car go by. There is no outlet from this road. And although the road goes another mile or so beyond my house, there is only a handful of houses beyond me. I think there are three or four cars that leave for work in the morning. It is wonderfully quiet, peaceful here.

I was surprised when I played these videos back, hoping to hear the hum of their wings, that the sound of moving the zoom was so audible! I couldn't hear the hum, but the clicks sounded extremely loud. Other than that, isn't the sound of the quiet morning wonderful?

And then I turned my eyes away from the camera and the hummingbirds, and saw that the sun was beginning to peek over the mountains............

Alright. I'll quit whining. It was a beautiful wake up this morning! And since I haven't said it in a while ....

....Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, there is nothing like a peaceful morning to start out the day. Lucky you. With a start like this, it can only get better. :)

  2. Hi, Kim, you said it ... luck me! I love where I live!!

  3. super pretty morning my friend.
    you're in a good spot.

  4. Oh Lynilu, visiting yuor blog is better than going to a museum ! The bottles are stunning in that light, and the sunrise and sunset - oh my. You really live in a spectacualr place, and have a great eye.

  5. Annie, Thank you so much. Those are actually all pictures of the sunrise, just different parts of the sky. My views are amazing, for sure!

  6. Very beautiful and someetimes it is nice to get up early and greet the Dawn.

    P.S. I'm a good doggy Mom too and will always drag my butt out of bed when needed ;)

  7. MQ, oh, the pain and heartache of us doggy moms!! ;D

    I actually like getting up early and seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing the early morning. It is so peaceful and restoring to the soul.

  8. I am, as usual, in love with your photos! I love the bottles and the sky. OY! I so wish I was there!

  9. Jen, I wish you were, too!! I'd happily share it with you!


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