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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just have some miscellaneous pictures from the week to share with you. No theme here, just stuff!

While I was working on getting rid of thistles the other day, I spotted the tinniest little pine cone. Can you believe how small this is?

I know it is just an immature one that dropped off the tree too early, but it amazed me. Sorry the pix are so blurry, but holding the camera with one hand and trying to focus on the other hand is tricky! I wanted it on my hand to show the comparative size. Later I realized I could have laid it beside a bean or a dime or a toothpick or .... Duh.

Another a couple shots of the morning light on the bottles in the window. The angle was perfect to blend the colors from several bottles together into rainbows.

I brought some Jumbones for the dogs from PetCo the other day. They all loved them!

Ali turned away when I brought the camera, but I have more patience than he does, so as soon as he turned back this way .... gotcha!

His eyes are so distant these days. :(

Max put his on a piece of newspaper I had just finished reading and by the time he was finished, the paper was wet with his drool! Glad I read it first!

Jazi curled up on the fleecy bed and went to work. I bought the size for medium-small dogs, and it looked too big for her, but she was so dedicated that she got through about the same time as the boys!

And Joey gave me a display of his approval!!

But Sam, my comic little Sam! He took his to the cozy little dog bed and got down to business. However, he wasn't sure about me taking a picture, so .......

..... he got up and left ......

......and crawled under the bed so I couldn't steal it from him!!! LOL!!

An this morning, I told you about the dogs tearing up the house and then outside, trying to get to the deer. Here is some video taken after the deer moved away about 8-10 feet and when they were actually considerably settled down. I wish I'd thought to get the camera when they were, uh, more vocal! But you'll get an idea if you multiply this by, oh, say, 20 times!

Fun times this week! :)


  1. I have never, ever seen a pinecone that teensy weensy before! I would have been just as thrilled to find it. ;-)

    No matter what his eyes say or how long his clock ticks, Ali adores you and you deserve that adoration and then some.

  2. Melissa, I hadn't either. Shows us what we are missing as we rush and hurry through life without looking around, doesn't it?

    I know, I know. I still hate that he is slipping away from me. Just can't help it. :')

  3. I have never saw a pinecone that small either. Enchanting! I picture little elves carrying it around.

    I can't help it, Sam's my fave! Reilly LOVES the Jumbones but only the ones for toy/small does cos' he's so little. Hey he might like that pinecone *giggle*

  4. Patti, LOL! I like the elves image!!

    Sam is a crack up! In the beginning Max was a clown, but he has settled down and Sam, coming out of his shell, has become the funny boy in the house! He keeps us all laughing ... or irritated!!


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