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Friday, September 19, 2008

Feminism, Part Deux

Did any of you notice the comment from Virginia Harris about the suffragettes in my post, Feminism?? a few days ago? I subscribed to the newsletter to get the story, and I haven't received the first chapter yet, but here is the welcome letter. I can't wait for it to start. There is a link near the bottom of this, if you are interested.

Dear CoffeebreakReader,

This is your introduction
to The Privilege of Voting,
the free e-mail series

Can you handle the truth?

The sexy, shocking, unvarnished truth?

It is 2008 - 88 years since women won the vote in America and England, and YOU will be among the very few who understand what it took to get it.

You are about to meet eight great women of the Suffrage Era, and go behind the scenes in their public and private lives.

You will meet two presidential mistresses, a Washington power-wife, a high society novelist, a barefoot dancer, an intrepid immigrant and a brave band of suffragettes who would not back down - no matter what.

There are weddings and funerals, babies and broken hearts, and lots and lots of hot extra-marital affairs - with senators and presidents, and members of Parliament, of course!

The best part is that it's all true! The series is an original 'novelization' of real events in real lives.

Everything may not have happened exactly as I've imagined it in my telling of these stories, but these things did happen - all of them.

There are no fictional or composite characters or events. The time line is accurate.

You will learn HOW the suffragettes did what they did, and even more importantly, WHY.

Prepare to be astonished by the cruel, crushing inequity under which women existed in the supposedly democratic societies of England and America - societies in which a woman had no voice, except through her father, brother, husband, son or grandson.

The story starts in 1912. The women of The Privilege of Voting are at turning points in their lives. The world is at a turning point, too.

War is looming in Europe. A family feud is erupting among three grandsons of the recently deceased Queen Victoria -- King George, Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nickolaus, the restless and reckless rulers of England, Germany and Russia.

Who could know that their royal treachery would open the window through which women would climb to finally claim their God-given right to the privilege of voting?

Or that a presidential power-struggle in America would rupture the republican party, delivering an unexpected victory to the democrats that year, and ultimately votes to women.

Your first episode will arrive SOON. You will then receive another episode each morning in your e-mail in-box to enjoy during your coffeebreak, or anytime!

The story starts and ends with the incomparable Dame Emmeline Pankhurst.

In 1912 she was not yet a favorite of the British crown.

She was an outlaw -- the leader of the so-called militant suffragettes. She was hunger-striking in London Prison, very near death.

But Emmeline was determined that she would not leave her task undone - she would not leave the struggle for suffrage to consume another generation of women, as it consumed the lives of her and her daughters.

Her story is an inspiration to
women and men of conscience and courage.

We CAN do what seems impossible, if we are convinced that it absolutely, positively must be done.

Enjoy your coffeebreaks with Emmeline and the other extraordinary women of The Privilege of Voting.

And please write to me to tell me what you think of the series.


Virginia Ann Harris
Series Author

P.S. Think your favorite friends might like their own free subscription?

Then forward this e-mail to them, and they can join our mailing list.

Your friends will get the entire series in sequence - all thanks to YOU!

Subscribe to The Privilege of Voting

Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

I'm looking forward to this so much!

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