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Friday, September 19, 2008

More Stuff

Has someone convinced you Obama hasn't done anything worthwhile in his political career? Check this post at Casey's blog. Then look into the following:

And here is a link to a letter in my local newspaper from a military veteran who has done his homework about Obama's and McCain's voting support for veterans affairs (you'll have to scroll down to the 3rd letter intitled "Obama for vets":


  1. I honestly believe that his lack of experience does not really bother the repubs. If experience were an issue, Palin wouldn't have made the cut. (Yes, I've heard the arguments about governing a state as "more" experience, but I've been to Alaska...governing square footage isn't exactly experience.)
    They hang on to that one little reason because they have nothing else on the guy. Nothing.

  2. Julie, no, they've used it as a criticism, but (1) it's clearly not true and (2) it's not a real issue anyway. And you're right ... they've got nothing.


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