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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doggy Cuteness and News

Max is in luuuuuv. Again. Oh, but wait till you hear the rest of the story!

I was sitting in the living room a few minutes ago, and Max came trotting in from the kitchen with Ali's food bowl in his mouth. Then he sat down on the floor with the bowl between his paws, wrapped his paws around the dish and laid his head in the dish! He started alternately licking it and resting his head on it. Meanwhile, all I could do is laugh! I couldn't get to my camera, 'cause when I stood, he followed me, so no pix.

Remember, Max is my food obsessed dog. Ali gets canned dog food and eggs, which the others do not get. Occasionally, he doesn't lick the bowl thoroughly, and the others love to sneak in and finish it up for him, especially Max. Max will lick it, even if it is clean, clean, clean. So tonight Max was in heaven, and he apparently wanted to keep the bowl near his heart!!

Speaking of Ali, I'll update you on his health. I'm happy to report that he has made me a lier again! He is doing better again! He has done this several times in recent years, acted like he was about to die and then eased his way back to relative health, although it is never quite back to the previous status. It seems this time the diet of canned food and boiled eggs did the trick for him. He isn't well, even now, but he is almost as good as he was before I thought he was leaving me. He is still awfully weak and sleeps almost round the clock, but when he is up, he is walking pretty well, trots a little bit and keeps that little tail curled over his back. He wants to go up and down the stairs by himself, but I don't let him; he slipped by me and fell down the stairs a couple times, so we're just not taking chances. But his appetite is good, his attitude is good .... well, passable! .... and he seems relatively happy. So we are back on the watch and happy to be here.

I spent today working for the Obama Campaign doing door to door work. I'm t.i.r.e.d...... I'm going to go back tomorrow or Monday and help some more. Right now, I think it will be Monday. I think I need tomorrow for rest. I'm feeling good about how this is going, and I would love to go tomorrow to get as much done as soon as possible for the good of the cause. But I also need to be rested and on my toes.

BTW, the campaign organizer is a young man, probably late 20s, from Los Angeles. Can you imagine going from LA to rural NM??? He is having major city withdrawal! Poor kid is absolutely miserable. I can't imagine why they sent someone to such a different, foreign setting. I would think someone from NM or AZ or CO would be more adapted to this area, even if they're from a city. I don't know how they make these decisions. I just know that he is working really hard, but struggling because he doesn't understand rural life.

I need rest. Hasta maƱana!!


  1. Loved the debate last night. I dont know if anyone noticed but did you see who was wearing a flag pin and whos wasnt visible. Not that I dont respect McCain for his service to the country.

  2. That must have been very dissapointing to the TN hicks I know who think he is not patriotic because he "wouldn't wear the pin."

    I signed up to register voters and will canvas next weekend.

  3. Redfrog, it was noticed by TONS of people!! I respect *any* veteran for his/her service, but that's the end of it. That does not make a president.

    Julie, good for you volunteering!! Every hour of volunteer work is ESSENTIAL!! And I can't tell you how much more you will understand and appreciate the cause.

  4. Good for you for going out there!! I thought about signing up to call undecided women . . .we will see. I need to feel more confident on his issues. I did watch the debate and sheesh . . I can't imagine McCain speaking for me . . .

  5. Beans, call his campaign headquarters and explain your situation. They give you prompt sheets to help you remember details AND there is always a campaign employee around to take a cal if it gets complicated. Also .... read the Blueprint (see my newer post "Information" for a link to get it). But be active!!

  6. Max cracks me up and so glad to hear about Ali!

  7. MQ, he has such a funny personality! Of course, each has his/her own special "thing," but he is a special guy, for sure!


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